Plus, our readers also want a public safety tax to boost police, believe 'slimming' Barbur is a foolish idea, and still support opening Wapato for the homeless

So you had a nice fluff piece on Oct. 15, regarding Gordon Sondland saying to wait for the facts (regarding President Trump and Ukraine). However, the facts are in and there is no reason to wait.

There were comments by those who know him regarding how smart, focused and ambitious he is. What his family in Europe struggled through during WWII because they were Jewish. Amazing story of survival! Testaments to his support of liberal issues in Oregon.

So given this, why does someone with this track record support Trump, contribute $1 million to his inauguration proceedings. Just to curry favor with a misogynistic, serial liar, sexual predator, racist and corrupt narcissist blowhard to get an ambassadorship to the European Union.

If Sondland is so smart why did he not know the despicable person he supports and the risks involved with this?

It's been public knowledge long before Trump ran for president what he represents and how unqualified morally and intellectually he was for public office. You make the bed you lie in.

Tell the truth!

Robert Linnell

Southwest Portland

Public safety tax would boost Police Bureau

The evidence is overwhelming that Portland needs a fully staffed Police Bureau.

The Portland City Council needs to make this happen and fails in its leadership by not prioritizing this.

Some residents would support a safety tax as we did a so-called gas tax.?The City Council levied an arts tax to keep art classes in our schools, so why not have a public safety tax to insure that our Police Bureau is fully staffed?

If it would mean more effective police patrols, visibility and increased public safety then I'd vote for it.

Portland needs to reduce the stress and overtime that these front-line officers are facing, going from call to call. When you have exhausted police officers, the possibilities of police misconduct increases and the problem then compounds.

These are troubled times and there are more ahead as the number of un-treated (people) walk Portland streets increases, traffic safety remains un-enforced and day-to-day neighborhood safety continues to erode. Adequately staffing the Portland Police Bureau is basic common sense.

Tell the City Council to put it in the budget or take other action to get this important issue done. Let's do this.

Frank DiMarco


'Slimming' Barbur is foolish idea

I just wanted to thank you for Oct. 1's Our Opinion "Don't Bottleneck Barbur."

TriMet is foolish to even considering "slimming" Barbur Boulevard ?anywhere? to one vehicle travel lane in each direction.

I lived in a house for almost 22 years that overlooked south to Barbur and frequently saw the backed-up traffic anytime there were issues on Interstate 5.? I can't even imagine the incredible delays there would be if only one lane was left for vehicles.? I intimately know the entire route on Barbur planned for the proposed light-rail line.

Unfortunately, whichever way TriMet goes with their Southwest Corridor MAX plan, that 1910 house I lived in, and all homes to its east, will be razed for light-rail construction.

Eric J. Anderson

Southeast Portland

'City that cares' should open Wapato for homeless

Reading the article in the Oct. 15 Portland Tribune on the last-ditch Wapato plea made me shake my head in wonder. ?Am I living in a city that takes care of all of its people or not?

Folks, such as the new Wapato owner, Jordan Schnitzer, are wonderful for even proposing the use of Wapato to serve the many homeless. To have this idea debunked by Deborah Kafoury and representatives of many homeless and other social service agencies is wrong.

I bet these folks don't walk downtown and see the hopelessness of multitudes of the homeless and smell the urine and feces in the bushes. This is not the way for humans, and especially humans in this land and city of plenty, to survive.

To say the building is "not up to code," well, neither is sleeping under a bridge. To say that services are too far away from city center also is wrong.

Several years ago when the armory in Southwest Portland was used as a shelter, shuttle busses were run to access these services. It is admirable that the goal of Kafoury is ending homelessness by providing housing and caseworkers, but the numbers now are so great that times call for emergency efforts.

Winter is on the way. Get Wapato setup and give hundreds of folks a warm and safe place to stay while you are working on housing.

And, thank you to Jordan Schnitzer and others for offering this potential solution.

Joan Frazer

Southwest Portland

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