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Reader's opinion: Federal law blocks state law when it comes to handling of immigration issues.

The introduction statement in a March 5 Tribune article automatically debunks the entire premise of the article.

It opens by saying "Education Department, Oregon Democrats say ICE action violated sanctuary laws." SPEIRS

Really? Since any "sanctuary" law is a violation of federal statutes and exists as de facto and not a de jure idea, isn't the entire argument one of fiction? How can anyone be in violation of a law that is illegal and isn't accepted except in fabricated and mistaken context? A "law" that is not recognized in the federal arena and a law that the Justice Department recently said they were going to prosecute jurisdictions for carrying out? In short ... how do you violate a law that doesn't exist?

The article and the people and organizations opposing the ICE actions seem to have omitted nearly any reference to the obvious. The ICE agents were doing their jobs. How difficult is that to fathom? Why is it not being openly promoted, instead of denigrated?

The person arrested should never have been in our country. His background and arrest records make it clear he needed to be removed from our land. Even the second to the last paragraph in the article makes it obvious why and how he was arrested.

In this instance, every law was followed and every precaution used to protect the public. ICE was doing their jobs, and it's a sad testimonial to our local leaders that they don't also join forces to protect our citizens.

If the children of this man were challenged in any manner, it's a result of their father putting them in harm's way. He knowingly broke the laws on several occasions and was held responsible. The statements by Ben Bowman are so self-serving it becomes nearly juvenile. He's calling ICE actions wrong and "bad for students." He fails to suggest obeying the law might be good for students, parents and the community.

Sanctuary laws are illegal. By promoting this violation, it invites logistics problems that don't need to exist. The convoluted idea of giving "sanctuary" to criminals makes the issuing body guilty of "aiding and abetting" in the commission of an ongoing crime.

The "trickle down" effect of this criminal action by the state, county and city then is practiced by other jurisdictions like the Department of Education. It then turns out, our public education community is actually teaching kids to disobey the law, rather that understanding the Constitution, sovereignty, laws and responsibility. Is this what taxpayers request? This is why the RICO statutes were conceived.

The article illustrates the embedded, yet flawed thinking of people and organizations who put their own beliefs above that of their own country. They need to start seeing the damage they're doing.

Expect more legal enforcement and behavior from ICE as they expand their duties to enforce the law and keep our community safe.

Jim Speirs is a Portland resident.

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