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Writers from around the city tell us what they think about RIP and the pandemic shutdown.

PMG ILLUSTRATIONI support the recall effort against state Sen. Chuck Thomsen (District 26). But not because of his leaving Salem antics regarding the cap-and-trade bill. I am doing it because he was a coward and sold out the citizens of the city of Damascus.

He didn't fight to stop Senate Bill 226 that disincorporated the city — again. He didn't stand up to state Sen. Shemia Fagan who perpetrated this fraud. Then, in the ultimate act of cowardice, he decided not to even vote. Out on 90 elected officials only one did that. Thirteen of his Republican colleague voted against it and they didn't have any constituents impacted.

And who am I? I was the pro bono city manager who went to Salem and testified against the bill.

The people of Damascus are in Chuck Thomsen's district and they deserve a better senator. That would be on who at least votes his conscience. Chuck Thomsen didn't vote because he doesn't have one.

Richard Carson

North Portland

Council should give voters a say on RIP

With opposition growing for the hopelessly convoluted residential infill project and developers pushing for a so-called deeper affordability bonus, the Portland City Council should let voters decide the destiny and density of Portland neighborhoods.

The RIP was pushed by ex-builder lobbyist and ex-mayor Charlie Hales and trumpeted by developers as a way to create "affordable" housing along transportation corridors. The concept has now been perverted into something completely different: picture that great old bungalow next door bulldozed and a blockhouse six-plex plopped down in its place.

Face it, developers do this and then move on. Experts have testified that RIP will have little or no effect on affordability.

While we still have a democracy, let's all urge the City Council to give Portlanders a vote on this issue in November.

If the council won't do this, Portland voters need to ask why.

Frank DiMarco


Add snowflakes to Oregon's state flag

I propose we change the state flag of Oregon. We should retain the navy blue background on both sides but replace the state seal and the beaver with stylized white snowflakes, in honor of the egregious attitude of all those who think they have a right to stay safe and still get paid — most of them government employees.

Of course, the first issue of the flag should be raised over the state capitol, then lowered to half-staff in honor of all the businesses and tens of thousands of jobs lost when our esteemed governor decided everyone had to be kept safe by ordering everything closed.

She has no idea how much damage she has done to our state and she can't be held legally responsible.

Mike Early


Letter about season flu needed a rebuttal

I'd like to start by saying how pleased I am to support your efforts to continue strong local journalism. What a deep need all of us across the country have for the kind of deep investigative journalism you do on a variety of topics focused on our area. We are lucky to have your staff and leadership.

With that said, I have to say how hugely disappointed I am that you printed one letter to the editor (Chas Malody, May 13) without rebutting the facts proffered in the letter.

His comparison of COVID-19 to a seasonal flu is not a simple matter of one person's subjective opinion. It is a dangerous and incendiary confusion, and sadly, one that is being spread widely for political purposes.

At a minimum, I would hope that if you print similar letters in the future, you would offer a disclaimer that suggests readers look at facts from a reputable source such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It's a worthwhile debate about how and when the economy should reopen, but saying that COVID-19 is the same as a seasonal flu is not a point that has multiple sides. People who act on this misinformation will contribute to an ongoing tragedy of historic proportion. The death count in the U.S. is already too high.

Mary Anne Cassin

Southwest Portland

Give small businesses protective aid they need

I urge Gov. Kate Brown, state Rep. Bob Nosse and state Sen. Kathleen Taylor to do something to protect high-contact workers' lives and livelihoods. Pay them out the pandemic unemployment assistance they have been waiting for, and remove them from Phase 1 of opening.

Requiring small-business owners to foot the bill and buy personal protective equipment to reopen to limited clients is setting them up for failure. Clear as day.

And, to acquire PPE at this time is not only expensive, it puts small businesses and service providers in competition for limited supplies. This will take them out of the supply chain so they are no longer available for medical needs and essential workers.

I moved to Oregon because this state cares about its people. I urge Gov. Brown, Rep. Nosse and Sen. Taylor to do the right thing. Protect people over profits. Do not let corporate interests run small businesses and their owners into the ground, either financial or quite literally, as they are forced to break social distancing and take on great risk to themselves and their families.

We must take care of Oregon's citizens.

Miranda Beck

Southeast Portland

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