A reader also believes Democrats are exploiting the Capitol Building riot for political purposes.

PMG PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Hundreds turn out to remember the historic address by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington, D.C., on the August 2020 anniversary of his 'I Have a Dream' speech.Our nation is in crisis. We are faced with some of the most difficult societal challenges in generations.

As we saw two weeks ago in D.C. and as we have seen here in Oregon, we are in a time of increased political violence. A faction of this country is using violence and intimidation to try and overturn a valid election and harm their opponents. These are the same tactics that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and thousands of others marched against, and that ultimately cost him his life.

As an Oregonian and as an American, I lean upon the wisdom of leaders like Dr. King to make it through these impossibly difficult times and find a way forward.

His tribute day honors him, but is a reminder that we must also honor the unsung heroes of the civil rights movement who do the difficult work in our communities, putting their lives and health on the line, day in and day out. May we all learn from their example and support their accomplishments not just today, but every day.

I am proud to lead the agency that enforces Oregonians' civil rights and workers' rights. We all stand on the shoulders of Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders, many of whom whose names we will never know, as we work to guide our country through crisis and toward a more just, equal future for all.

Val Hoyle, Commissioner, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Democrats using Capitol siege for political reasons

The rioting in our nation's Capitol on Jan, 2016, is the Democratic party's Reichstag Fire. Like the Nazi politicians in 1933 Germany, democrat politicians are using this tragic and deplorable incident as an excuse to vilify, censor and remove all their political and opinion opponents from positions of authority, power and influence. The big lie in 1933 was that communists started the fire, in order to overthrow the government. The big lie in 2021 is that President Trump gave a speech inciting people to storm the capitol building, in order to overthrow the government.

If the Democrat's efforts to achieve permanent one-party rule of America succeed, we will indeed lose our Republic, as Benjamin Franklin warned us so long ago.

James Caster


Considering forest destruction in Yamhill County

I have lived in Yamhill County, Oregon, for over 30 years. During that time I have seen local forests disappear acre by acre and replaced by vineyards with barely a shoulder shrug. We decry the leveling of forest in Brazil and Asia but yet view our forests as disposable for our local economy.

Since the 1600s the United States has lost three-fourths of our virgin forests. No matter where trees are when they are cut down, they release carbon into the atmosphere and result in loss of natural habitat.

This model has never worked. The earth's resources are finite. There must be a consideration for the planet when we take for our consumption rather than just look at economic growth. We must adopt a spirit of reciprocity and in consideration of the effects on our air, water, and the animals that need these forests.

So what does that look like? That means there needs to be some regulation that requires for every acre of forest removed for housing and agriculture or any other use, a percentage of forest will be left as natural corridors. In Yamhill County, there should be requirements for vineyards and developments to protect a portion of the land for native trees and shrubs, or replant an area with the same.

Will this affect profits? Maybe we need to rethink what profit means. It's not just about the financial benefit of a few. It's about the survival of all that live on this earth — and that's not just about humans.

Alanna Pass


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