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Some readers also think journalists are not trusted, seniors should be vaccinated against COVID-19 before seniors, and more.

I listened to the Inauguration. I loved seeing and listening to Lady Gaga sing the National Anthem. She sung it great and she was so very good. I shed a tear when I heard (Jennifer Lopez) sing a version of America and Woody Guthrie's "This is Your land" It was wonderful. Garth Brooks sang and asked us to sing "Amazing Grace" with him. But above all, I was in awe in listening to Joe Biden's wonderful speech. A great historic day and a wonderful and historic speech. It is good to have hope again and see a mature adult in charge of our nation instead of an angry mad man.

Bill Eagle

St. Helens

Newspapers aren't trusted by readers anymore

"A Community Without Local Journalism" (a special wrap that went around the A Section of the Jan. 5 Tribune): Given your desperate plea, maybe you should consider nobody trusts you anymore. It's easy to blame everything on corona and its impact on advertising revenues — but who created the fear and hype? Who blindly accepted the authority and repeated the dictum of government officials? Real journalism speaks truth to power instead of becoming its mouthpiece. I hope you continue to enjoy your Hari-Kiri.

Thomas Busse

Northwest Portland

Seniors need to be COVID vaccine priority

During the past year, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 1,700 Oregonians have died from the disease.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, "More than half of those deaths were people 80 years old and over. Those between 70 and 79 years old made up about 22% of the death total. People 60-69 years of age made up roughly 15%."

In other words, 87% of those who died, or 1,479, were seniors over the age of 60.

Now there is a successful COVID-19 vaccine to save those seniors. Gov. Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority have determined that health care workers should be in the priority 1A group. Absolutely correct, they are on the frontline of caring for those stricken with the disease and she get vaccinated.

However, now they say that the next group should be teachers. That is wrong.

Seniors over the age of 60 years old, the most affected and at risk group, should be next in line for the vaccine.

Yes, teachers should get the vaccine but, best case scenario, they probably won't be teaching live in front of children again until the late spring and probably not until the fall.

Seniors are dying every single day in Oregon and they should be the No. 1 priority. No discussion. Give the COVID-19 vaccine to seniors, now.

David F Eastman


Hold Biden, Harris to their promises

As the celebration of the dawn of a more hopeful era for the United States commences, the American people are tired of lies and impunity. They are wary of complacency and appeasement. They reject the false equivalency of unity and justice. And they demand competence, humility and accountability.

To accomplish that, Americans must hold Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris' feet to the fire. They cannot let them forget the inspiring words from their victory speeches, their promises to root out systemic racism, to defend democracy, to give everyone a fair shot, while restoring the soul of America.

None of those promises can be realized until all politicians help heal the heart of America, which is kept beating by the courage of Black bodies, the strength of brown bodies, and the perseverance of indigenous bodies.

In addition, to fully support Blacks, and because Blacks will disproportionately suffer from any future crisis triggered by unrebuked, unrepentant perpetrators, all Jan. 6 traitors should be punished (including being removed from office). They should not be coddled or pandered to. There is no compromise.

Annie Capestany

Southeast Portland

Orangutan deserved better in life

Regarding the death of orangutan Inji at the Oregon Zoo (Jan. 13 Portland Tribune), zoo employees said, "This really hurts.... (Inji) inspired generations." And "We're thankful that we were able to give Inji a good home...."

As I move through my 78th year, I'm increasingly aware of the difference between length of life and its quality. When I saw the orangutans at the zoo, they looked unbearably sad. Inji lived for 60 years in the sterile zoo environment. Would she have chosen this?

Some courts are beginning to grant personhood to the great apes, acknowledging that they have the right to choose the best life they can within the broadest possible limits.

Surely a sanctuary would have been a more humane choice for her to live out her long life.

Rest in peace at last, Inji.

Sandy Miller

Southeast Portland

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