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Trib readers believe Christine Drazan will fight crime, oppose apartments replacing Hall Street Grill, and think Tina Kotek will lead on climate change.

Christine Drazan will fight crime

In recent years we've seen a dramatic rise in violent crime, drug use, and homelessness in our communities. Thanks to failed laws like Measure 110 that have enabled drug use and refusal by those in power to support our law enforcement, these problems have gotten worse.

East County has seen just how damaging these problems have been to our neighborhoods. It's clear we need a new direction. That's why I'm voting for Christine Drazan for Governor.

Unlike the Brown administration, whose every step was supported by Tina Kotek, Christine is committed to tackling these challenges and building opportunities for Oregonians from all walks of life.

She won't simply pander to the city of Portland, because she knows that communities like our city of Troutdale need support. She will give us a voice in Salem and ensure that our unique qualities are not ignored by our state government. She's a proven leader who, unlike Kotek, has shown the uncommon courage to work across the aisle to get results.

Oregon needs a change and a leader like Christine Drazan is exactly what we need to get Oregon back on track.

Be well.

Randy Lauer, Mayor

Troutdale, Oregon

Opposes apartments replacing Hall Street Grill

It was very disappointing to hear about apartments going in at the old Hall Street Grill location. That's a really pretty location and has so much potential. It will be sad to see all of these beautiful trees cut down. I wish Beaverton would go the direction of green spaces, beautify the river and invest in businesses that add value, beauty and character, instead of high density housing, fast food chains, car dealers and parking lots. The West End apartments resemble low income projects and there are so many eyesores pretty much the entire length of Canyon. I wish we could model cities like Hood River, Bend, Lake Oswego but instead Beaverton models Gresham.

Why are we packing as many people into the city as we can? Growing forever isn't sustainable. I just don't understand Beaverton's priorities and vision and I want to move out of downtown Beaverton. With the increased noise and traffic it just isn't a desirable place to live anymore. I feel like Beaverton is going downhill with more cars, less green spaces and less foot traffic.

Can't we be pickier about what businesses open in Beaverton instead of an anything goes, developer driven approach? It feels like folks in the Beav City government don't live in the downtown core, don't walk the streets every day and are out of touch with what it takes to make this a nice place to live.

Do we need another Starbucks, Carl's Jr, ChickFilA, McDonalds, Chipotle, TacoBell, TJ Maxx, Ross, Wal Mart, storage units, etc etc. If you say yes to any of these in the next year something is really wrong.

Brian Smith


Tina Kotek will fight climate change

Elections Matter—A LOT!

For me no pubic issue is as large as Global Warming. Its control will determine whether life including people will continue. I want very much that life including humans survives. I want Oregon to do its share of diminishing our green house gas (GHG) release to lower the total and to convince other states and countries that there is firm commitment by a growing portion of earth's people who are

devoted to this vital process. It is now clear that our climate disasters will continue and increase unless we stop Global Warming.

Our legislature in several sessions was unable to pass legislation which would lead us to vigorous and responsible reduction of GHG. Governor Brown stepped forward with creation of a comprehensive Executive Order which got us started toward doing our share of reduction of global warmng

We have three candidates for governor--(alphabetically) Christine Drazen has opposed all significant Global Warming legislation and says she would as governor reverse the progress we have made.

Betsy Johnson has not helped pass useful legislation, has opposed useful legislation and says she would as governor reverse many of the elements of our present program. Tina Kotek has worked hard in the legislature in attempts to pass useful legislation and says that she would as governor work to continue present progress and work toward diminishing our GHG to zero as soon as possible.

If we want Oregon to do our part in controlling Global Warming and its dreadful storms, dangerous heat and record floods only Tina Kotek will assist.

Bill Harris

NW Portland

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