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Our readers also have strong opinions about the crisis at the southern border, Metro's homeless measure, the Residential Infill Project, and more

'After decades of condoning the use of military-grade weapons by the police and telling them to use them as they see fit, we could be entering a new era where police keep order under greater public accountability and where transparency builds public trust.'

'I know that the police need to use a measure of violence to protect us, but the violence should not, cannot be a manifestation of who they are, but a manifestation of the need to protect and serve.'

As of Sunday, 34 people at Hope Village Post-Acute Rehab have tested positive

Neil Schulman, executive director of the North Clackamas Watersheds Council, thankful Milwaukie set goals not to only increase tree canopy - but to prioritize communities of color and low-income neighborhoods for tree planting, to begin to address a historical lack of trees that exacerbates health disparities and lowers property values

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