Portland's Doubleclicks roll in Kickstarter dough, keeping their fans happy

by: PHOTOS COURTESY OF JESSIE KIRK - Angela Webber (left) and sister Audrey have gained much popularity as The Doubleclicks, and will release Dimetrodon on June 10.“The community of geeks” has spoken, and the result of their generosity comes out Tuesday, June 10 — “Dimetrodon,” the third full-length CD by The Doubleclicks, the nerd-folk sister duo of Aubrey and

Angela Webber.

The Webbers set out to raise money on Kickstarter for the album, and the response overwhelmed them with gratefulness. “The community of geeks” came out in force, with an estimated 1,900 people donating nearly $81,000, the most for any Portland music Kickstarter campaign.

It funded Feb. 18.

It was a mere 449 percent of what The Doubleclicks had asked for, $18,000.

“We kept adding projects,” Angela says. “It was $18,000 for the album. Then, if we made $25,000, we’d make 10 music videos. When it was $50,000, Audrey got to quit her job (in health care) and work on The Doubleclicks full time.”

So, The Doubleclicks took a big step forward in their evolution — legitimized as a true representative of nerds everywhere.

“We are very lucky that we have a fan base and audience that is not just an audience but we’re very much a community,” Angela says. “We interact with them online a lot, and there are a lot of nerdy music fans who are passionate about a lot of things. The community of geeks is really a generous thing, spreading the word.”

Audrey Webber (left) is a cellist who studied at Berklee School of Music and sister Angela is the singer and guitarist for the nerd-folk duo The Doubleclicks.The sisters, who live in Southeast Portland, started writing for the new album last year, and started recording at the start of 2014. They credit producer Mike Phirman (Hard ‘n’ Firm member, Garfunkel and Oates producer) of Los Angeles for polishing the sound and presentation of songs, and Angela proclaims the album the best yet — in part because the duo’s fans allowed them to “do what we wanted to do (with Kickstarter funding). ... Because of that, we felt we made something we can really be proud of.”

“Dimetrodon” has a new set of comedic and quirky tunes with Aubrey, 28, on cello and Angela, 26, on guitar and singing (or dialoguing). There’s “Cats and Netflix,” about staying inside when it’s raining and “enjoying the wonders of the indoors,” Angela says. “We wrote that one in the fall, when it was raining, and we didn’t feel the pressure to go outside, we could just stay inside and play video games.”

“Wonder” is a tribute to Wonder Woman, because the sisters feel there should be a Wonder Woman movie with a soundtrack. “Ennui” is a celebration of being OK “with the fact that you don’t feel motivated.” And, “Unstoppable Force” is a nerdy take on doing what you want to do.

Angela likes the title of album — the Dimetrodon being an extinct dinosaur-like creature with “a potato chip sail on his back” that existed before dinosaurs — because, “I have to be a supernerd to explain it.” Kris Straub, a Seattle Web comic writer and artist, made the album cover art.

The Doubleclicks broke through with an 8,000-mile U.S. tour in 2013, and plan to split up tours in 2014 — 2 1/2 weeks of West Coast and mountain states gigs in the summer, 2 1/2 weeks of East Coast and Midwest dates in the fall. “We’re doing a lot of shows at conventions, like sci-fi conventions,” Angela says, and being big fans of social media, the sisters also plan shows online.

“We’re saying yes to a lot of things, and learning a lot. We’re proud of where we’re going.”

The Doubleclicks have played gigs recently at Secret Society and The Brody Theater, and still produce a music video each week on their YouTube page. One of the most recent: “I Love You Like A Burrito” (from the new CD), in which fans bought burritos and held up signs with lyrics. More than 200 fans participated.

“Dimetrodon” can be purchased online at iTunes and on the duo’s website,, as well as at Bridge City Comics, 3725 N. Mississippi Ave. The official CD release party will be 7:30 p.m. June 26 at Secret Society, 116 N.E. Russell St. ($10 advance, $12 at door); The Doubleclicks will be joined by Bill Corbett (“Mystery Science Theater 3000”), ukulele songwriter Molly Lewis and local comedians Shane Torres and Anthony Lopez.

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