Photo Credit: COURTESY OF NAOMI POMEROY - Chef Naomi Pomeroy will be one of six James Beard Award-winning chefs acting as mentors to one of six contestants in a TV competition.There are two types of chefs in Portland: Those who wouldn’t be caught dead in front of a TV camera, and those who live for it.

Gregory Gourdet and Naomi Pomeroy belong squarely in the second category. After all, we don’t call them celebrity chefs for nothing.

Gourdet, executive chef at Departure, is the star of his own mobile video game called “Kitchen Rush,” similar to the popular “Candy Crush” game. Players swipe tiles to help a Gourdet avatar sling orders of Departure favorites before the time runs out.

To encourage players to dine at Departure, points can be redeemed at the restaurant for food items including edamame, a smoked salmon roll, Departure wings, and brussels sprouts.

“After toying with the app for six months, we finally have something we feel will really engage Departure customers by providing a behind-the-scenes look into busy kitchen life while simultaneously encouraging repeat business through game-earned dining incentives,” Departure’s General Manager Jeff Brown said in an announcement this week.

The game, created by Taylor Libonati of Shadow Vision, will draw more attention — if that’s possible — to Gourdet’s celebrity status, since he’s a contestant on this season of Top Chef Boston.

Other Portland chefs are either rolling their eyes or wishing they’d thought of it first.

Naomi Pomeroy, chef/owner of Beast and Expatriate and no stranger to TV appearances herself, will participate in yet another cooking competition.

Yet this one isn’t just for kicks — it’s called America Cooks With Chefs, a national nonprofit working to promote health and wellness.

Pomeroy will be one of six James Beard Award-winning chefs acting as mentors to one of six contestants — home cooks seeking help in preparing a nutritious, easy-to-prepare meal.

Each paired with their chef partner, they’ll attend “Kitchen Camps” and face off in a live cooking challenge at the Clinton Health Matters Initiative Conference in January.

Pomeroy will be paired with Kathy Partak, of Auburn Calif., who wants to prepare healthy meals for herself, her active-duty military husband and son, a budding chef himself.

The seven-episode series will film in Portland in December and air between December and February on Ora.TV. The initiative partnership between Palisades Media Ventures, the Clinton Foundation, the James Beard Foundation and Good Housekeeping, and is sponsored by Deloitte, Weight Watchers, Barilla, and Mayo Clinic.

What do you think, readers, of chefs making a name for themselves outside of Portland?

Tacky news from the department of shameless self promotion? Or kudos to them for sharing their skills and craft with the world — however un-Portlandy it may be?

On Twitter @jenmomanderson.

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