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Arrow Timber FramingThe biggest problem facing architects, builders, and homeowners today is getting the right design package which: 1) Aligns with the buyers personal taste and style. 2) Avoids cost prohibitive building solutions. And 3) Balances the need to be unique with the need for possible resale. We (Arrow Timber Framing and Humboldt Redwood) have set up a special outdoor living display so you can get some design ideas and possibly some unique design solutions.

Arrow Timber FramingAlso, you may want to come kick the tires - metaphorically speaking of course. The stylish outdoor living pavilion/display you may want to purchase has no tires! While uber personalized post and beam packages have been the main focus for our clients, we have created an off the shelf decorative timber accent product line for you. So you get stylish balanced beauty without the cost of custom design.

And how can you discover and refine your personal style which is a true reflection of you? Short answer: Come to the Portland Home & Garden Show, which runs rom Feb. 25 to 28 at the Portland Expo Center. You can get short info rich workshops and presentations. The schedule will be posted at the Arrow Timber and Humbolt Redwood display. (# 1541) The presentation of your choice will also be available by special request.

You can choose from 3 topics - although you might be interested in all three!

“How to Use Decorative Timber Accents Using the Fuzzy One-Eyed Approach”

“Properly Designed Timber Framing Looks Like A Million Bucks… But Is It Really?”

“Is an Outdoor Living Pavilion Right for Your Lifestyle?” 7 Questions to Find Out"

Arrow Timber Framing Or perhaps you have specific questions about how you can use post and beam construction for your next project. Or maybe you are just curious. Either way, come by and say hello.

Below is the summary that our writer has put together about the information you can expect to learn, and about the ATF philosophy which will ensure you get exceptional value.

Thank You. - Bert

“Timbers have an outsized impact.” With post and beam, you can establish a powerful mood, an ambiance that can appear sophisticated or humble, inviting or formidable, depending on the eye of the beholder and the desire of the master builder.

You won’t find anyone who knows this better than Bert Sarkkinen, and his team at Arrow Timber Framing. You can learn some of their secrets at the ATF 10-minute workshops during the four-day exposition. You might be interested in their topics, one of which will demonstrate how inexpensive timber accents radically recast a room’s mood.

“With decorative timber accents, you can focus your investment and create a big impact with just a few key changes,” Sarkkinen says. “It’s not just swapping out a couple of beams. When we can give you the right look and feel, you are suddenly living in a rustic cabin or European villa.”

Arrow Timber FramingAt the event, you can learn about Decorative Timber Elements and about ATF aesthetic philosophy, which incorporates an appreciation for asymmetry, a balance between strength and elegance, and a holistic perspective that values both little- and big-picture design.

“We work with dog-on-a-bone tenacity for our clients,” Sarkkinen says. “We work hard with your ideas. We keep pushing, pulling, and stretching until we get it right for you.”

If you need more information on Arrow Timber Framing or their four lines of decorative timber accents, call (360) 687-1868, or visit them online at