COURTESY: GREG BOND/OPB - Walter Cole, aka Darcelle XV, visits with OPB producer Kami Horton for the 'Oregon Experience' documentary 'Darcelle XV,' which airs June 20.‘Darcelle XV’ doc

Walter Cole still performs at age 85, and friends have started the proceedings to recognize him as the oldest living drag queen in the world.

Yes, sometime soon, Cole, aka Darcelle XV, could be in the Guinness Book of World Records. The paperwork apparently has been submitted. There has been some dispute, says Kami Horton, the OPB producer of the Darcelle documentary, about whether Darcelle or another person from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, reigns as the oldest drag queen in the world.

Either way, Darcelle is a living legend. Cole has been a female impersonator for about 50 years now — stretching from the days when members of the LGBT community were ostracized to today when gay marriage has been legalized and alternative lifestyles have been embraced.

COURTESY: CARLOS SILVA - Darcelle still performs weekly at age 85 years old.OPB and its “Oregon Experience” program will air the Darcelle documentary, “Darcelle XV,” at 9 p.m. June 20; it can be viewed currently at Horton and her crew spent many hours on the documentary, as Cole and his partner, Roxy Neuhardt, gave them full access and use of dozens of photos and videos.

“Anything we wanted to videotape, they were completely open to,” Horton says. “There wasn’t a question I couldn’t ask him.”

Cole purchased Demas Tavern in 1967, and it became the place to watch female impersonators perform. The documentary takes viewers through Darcelle’s history, and includes the good, as in leading the drag queen business and gay rights movement, and bad, such as the defunct Oregon Citizens Alliance 1980s campaign against homosexuality.

And, interestingly, the documentary reveals that Cole remains married to a woman, who remains a big part of his life, and not to Neuhardt. “He says it’s not important for him to marry Roxy. They have a great relationship,” Horton says.

With June being Pride month in Portland, it’s a good time to air the documentary. It’s narrated by Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini.

Malala Yousafzai

Tickets are on sale to see and hear Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, the girl shot by the Taliban and the youngest recipient in history of the Nobel Peace Prize. She was shot in October 2012 at age 15 while travelling from school on the bus with her friends in northern Pakistan. She wrote the international bestseller “I Am Malala.”

She’ll be in Portland, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 30, at Moda Center. Tickets start at $29 (

Iconic windows

Coming later in June, the Macy’s department store windows in downtown Portland will be adorned with icons, literally — Marilyn Monroe, Nashville, John Wayne, Waikiki, Andy Warhol and New York.

It’s part of Serving Up Style, which has entertained, inspired and greeted visitors with top Portland designers creating dining rooms of distinction, splendor and wonder. Last year, it was at the Portland Home and Garden Show. This year, it’ll be at Macy’s, 621 S.W. Fifth Ave.

From June 17 through July 8, and once again benefiting the fight against lupus through the Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, Serving Up Style will present six dining rooms in Macy’s windows. Each window will include images of an American icon. The designers, companies and icons include:

• JJ De Sousa, Digs Inside & Out, Marilyn Monroe

• Jen Jako, Fix Studio, John Wayne

• Rachel and Preston Browning, SalvageWorks, Nashville

• Stefan Krupelak, Domov ID, New York

• Stephanie Dyer and Megan Millie, Dyer Studio Inc., Waikiki

• Laura Evans and George Colvin, Urban ID, Andy Warhol.

For more on the fight against lupus:

‘Amazing’ cartoonist

Portland’s Andrew Shayde, a past participant on “The Amazing Race,” has released his first comic book through Storm Entertainment, “Monsters Among Us.”

In “Monsters Among Us,” urban legends are real, and billionaire Solomon Kane believes his family has been charged by God to rid the world of mythical creatures. A crew of gentle beasts that include Bigfoot, chupacabra and Mothman must unite and fight to survive.

It was written by Shayde, with artwork by Levi Zimer and Magic Eye Studio.

“I wanted to create a story featuring my favorite characters from folklore,” Shayde says. “Being in the Pacific Northwest it would be a serious sin to not include our most famous furball, Bigfoot, so he sits front and center.

“I’ve always had an inquisitive mind into the unknowns like Bigfoot and Loch Ness. ... I wanted to tell a story that could bring a handful of these mysterious creatures together in something that was fun and exciting, but I also wanted a heavier message in it (about minorities and their treatment from those in power). I love urban legends. ... There is a part of me that really hopes there is magic and mystery left in this world.”

The comic book is available through iTunes, Kindle and other forms and through Comic Flea Market.

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