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Arrow Timber Framing offers stunning post and beam design.Bert Sarkkinen is used to having “ah-ha!” moments. For the last twenty one years, he’s worked tirelessly with everyone from architects and builders to home owners, all to help them reach that moment of epiphany.

“Every project is unique,” says Sarkkinen, the owner of Arrow Timber Framing. “From design to construction, we leave no stone unturned, and that leads to some creative building solutions.”

This traditional framed home added a beautiful outdoor area using beam trusses.The science and art that go into the business of timber framing is what helps make timber framing so unique. From figuring out complicated math and angles, to eyeing the balance and functionality of a project, designing and engineering a successful timber project requires a high level of adaptability and an active imagination.

When [timber framing] is done right,” states Sarkkinen, “you identify what makes up a person’s unique taste, then accentuate and highlight their unique style through your work.”

Arrow Timber FramingA unique design doesn’t mean much, however, if it causes a project’s cost to soar above a client’s budget. That’s why Bert and the rest of the Arrow Timber team work hard on each and every project to maximize their client’s reward and enjoyment while staying within the confines of a budget.

“We can determine what’s superfluous, and what’s essential in making the whole scheme tick,” says Sarkkinen.

By zeroing in on exactly what their clients want, Arrow Timber finds ways to minimize costs while maximizing return on investment value. Whether that’s through creative design techniques, removing details that don’t match a client’s vision, or by incorporating stock timber accents, Arrow Timber’s timber projects typically deliver a 35 to 50 percent return on investment.

For clients looking to increase their return on investment without breaking the bank, timber accents provide excellent value. Timber accents, which are designed in four distinct styles, come at a much lower price point than custom designs, and can give a 300% return on investment!

With a wide selection of stock products and custom design options, Arrow Timber Framing can add value to any home and create unique spaces that capture the essence of their client’s taste, no matter what their budget is. For information, ideas, inspiration, or to experience your own “ah-ha!” moment, visit with Arrow Timber at the NW Natural Street of Dreams, go to or call (360) 687-1868.

Timber gives a home a custom look that really stands out.

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