How much do you know about the local writing scene? This will help you find out as we look forward to 2018

COURTESY PHOTO - Angela M. Sanders writes mysteries set in Portland that deal with independent women and ... (see quiz answer in story).Dear readers,

It's been an incredible year for books and Portland authors, but you might not have noticed. Just how much (or how little) have you been paying attention to local books and the writing scene? Take our multiple choice quiz and find out:

What book received the 2018 Oregon Book Award?

A) Sherman Alexie for "Thunder Boy Jr."

B) Nominees will be announced later in January. Tickets are on sale now for the April event at The Armory, where awards will be given.

C) Lydia Yuknavitch for "The Small Backs of Children"

(Answer: B)

What's the title of Nicole J. Georges' 2016 graphic novel about punk rock, veganism, and a pit bull that saved her?

A) "Don't Pet Me"

B) "Off Leash, Not Sorry"

C) "Give a Dog a Bone"

D) "Fetch"

(Answer: D)

COURTESY PHOTO - DENFELDRene Denfeld is a criminal investigator and Portland author. Her latest book,"The Child Finder," is about a young girl abducted in a remote part of Oregon and the search to find her.

A) True

B) False

(Answer: A)

Tin House managing editor Cheston Knapp has a book of essays publishing in February called "Up Up, Down Down." What is Tin House?

A) A magazine dedicated to radical sustainable building practices

B) A newsletter published by the North Portland community of Hazelnut Grove.

C) A literary journal and book publisher in Portland.

(Answer: C)

Portland writer Brian Doyle died in May 2017 at age 60. His last book, "Chicago: A Novel," is about a college grad in 1970s Chicago. An excerpt: "Almost all the people and animals I lived with were kind and generous; some were remarkable in ways I have never forgotten, and never will; and three in particular were so riveting in their own mysterious and astonishing ways that I want to account them, as best I can, before no one is left to tell you about Edward, and Mr. Pawlowsky, and Miss Elminides ..."

What university magazine did Doyle edit for much of his career?

A) Reed Magazine

B) Lewis & Clark's The Chronicle Magazine

C) University of Portland's Portland Magazine

(Answer: C)

Sheri Clostermann Anderson published "A Strong Grip: The Stories of Bud Lewis" about World War II veteran Bud Lewis. Which Portland high school did Lewis attend?

A) Jefferson

B) Lincoln

C) Benson

(Answer: C)

Portland author April Henry writes mysteries for young adult readers set in the Rose City. Her latest is about a girl named Cheyenne whose mom's car is stolen — with her in the backseat. The book will be made into a feature film next year. What's the title?

A) "Girl, Stolen"

B) "Girl, Gone"

C) "Girl, Driven"

(Answer: A)

Angela M. Sanders writes mysteries set in Portland that deal with independent women and which of the following subjects?

A) Vintage clothing and collectors

B) Perfume shops

C) Kite shops

D) Cannabis shops and Airbnbs

(Answers: A, B, and C are all correct)

The Portland Art Museum held an exhibit about the life and career of Portland architect, designer and collector John Yeon. What was the book Randy Gragg wrote in conjunction with the exhibit?

A) "A Street Named Yeon"

B) "Northwest Regional Style"

C) "John Yeon Architecture"

(Answer: C)

Which of the following is sold at Powell's?

A) Socks

B) Candy

C) Lottery tickets

D) Star Wars figures

(Answer: A, B, and D)

COURTESY PHOTO - HANECKOWDan Haneckow's "Portland Then And Now" contrasts historic and modern photos of the same view. What was once where the Oregon Convention Center is today?

A) Neighborhood jazz club

B) Soda fountain, barber shop and locksmith

C) Auto shop

(Answer: B)

Portland screenwriter Mike Rich ("The Rookie," "Radio," "Finding Forrester") published his first book last year about a young boy transported back in time to join the greatest scavenger hunt of all time. Why'd he write it?

A) To entertain his grandchildren

B) For a new challenge

C) Procrastination; he was avoiding another project

(Answer: A)

COURTESY PHOTO - RITTERAuthor William Ritter lives in Springfield. In his books, an adventure-seeking rookie sleuth named Abigail Rook teams up with the eccentric R.F. Jackaby to solve cases of a supernatural nature. How many books are there in the New York Times bestselling Jackaby series?

A) Three

B) Four

C) Five

D) One

(Answer: B)

Local wine writer Katherine Cole published a book about rosé this year called "Rosé All Day, the Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine." What's the name of Cole's NPR podcast about food and beverage culture?

A) "Eat It, Don't Tweet It"

B) "The Four Top"

C) "Dine and Ditch"

D) "Eat or Die"

(Answer: B)

"Expecting Something Else" is a collection of prose poems by Portland writer A.M. O'Malley about her mother and complicated childhood. What local publishing organization does O'Malley run?

A) The Independent Publishing Resource Center

B) Oregon History Center Press

C) Hawthorne Books

(Answer: A)

"Stray City," a novel set in Portland by Chelsey Johnson, will publish in March 2018. Who blurbed the cover, which reads, "I tore through this novel like an orphaned reader seeking a home in this ragtag yet shimmering world"?

A) Gov. Kate Brown

B) Carrie Brownstein

C) Fred Armisen

(Answer: B)

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