The Lewis & Clark Cat Show is Dec. 1-2 at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland; there'll be 48 breeds and more than 200 entries

COURTESY PHOTO - Many breeds are present at the Lewis & Clark Cat Show, Dec. 1-2, including Sphynx.Cats of all kinds will be featured in the Lewis & Clark Cat Show, the 47th annual show presented by the Cat Fanciers' Association, Dec. 1-2.

It's a show mostly about judging cats, so expect to see an array of attractive, well-behaved, exotic and groomed felines on display this weekend, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland.

There'll be 48 breeds and more than 200 entries.

"This will be a big show, the biggest in the United States for this weekend," says Pam Moser, a show organizer, all-breed judge and CFA board member. "Some of the best cats in the country will be here," including a copper-eyed white kitten and a short-haired Manx, as well as Bengal, Chartreux, Persian, Maine Coon and other breeds.

Some of the most popular cats to look at or visit with are Maine Coons. They are the big cats.

"If you have a really big, impressive Maine Coon, people gravitate toward it," Moser says. "I had a cat that was from our club, and it was 26 pounds, and every year he won the People's Choice Award."

Maine Coons are called gentle giants for a reason. They are quite tame and friendly.

"American Shorthairs are impressive, too, because of the beautfiul patterns, classic patterns," Moser adds. "But people are impressed by big cats. They would gravitate toward Bengals, too, because they have an impressive rosetted pattern and glitter color to them.

"Persians are a really pretty cat. I don't know if people gravitate toward them, but it's impressive to see how they're groomed. We'll have some lovely ones there; there's a really nice Persian coming, one of the top in the country. ... It used to be the most popular breed for breeders, but now it's become more exotic (cats) and ragdolls because of growing cat fancies in China."

There'll also be some Sphynx — you know, the hairless ones. "Their skin is really warm. People are always drawn to them," Moser says.

Hours for the show are 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, Dec. 1-2, at the DoubleTree, 1000 N.E. Multnomah St. Cost is $5.

Educational opportunities and products also are part of the show.

The Feral Cat Coalition and Cat Adoption Team also will be present. From each ticket sold, $1 goes to the Cat Adoption Team. There'll be a barrel for donated food to benefit the Feral Cat Coalition.

Two authors of cat books also will be in attendance.

Along with the People's Choice Award and other winners, there'll be the Best Decorated Cage Contest.

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