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Portland/Metro - Fishing on the Willamette and Columbia remains challenging, and the Columbia is slated to close on June 6, but managers met on Tuesday to discuss more options. The best reach remains the Longview to Astoria reach and the current tide series produces good catches for bank anglers.

Alex Wilson of Milwaukie went with his dad, Tim, to Frog Lake on Mt Hood and caught this batch of Rainbow Trout in late May.Shad are pouring into the Columbia River, where Bonneville is starting to tally 6 digit passage counts. It's peak season for these fun fish, too bad they don't taste better. They make for great sport and crab bait however.

The Willamette is also teeming with shad and anglers fishing in swift water are finding good success in the low flowing Willamette. Falls counts remain low, but June could see a surge in action, the lower Willamette has produced some great late-season catches in recent years. Spinners are often the key in the warmer water, and that should be the case this year as well.

Sandy River anglers continue to find sporadic success for spring Chinook in the deeper holes. It's peak season here, and summer steelhead are available as well.

The Clackamas continues to be a disaster. For the fourth week in a row, there were no spring Chinook caught in the Clackamas. Clackamas River fish production has taken place in the Columbia River Gorge in recent years, and it's clearly having an impact on return rates. The agency hopes to change that management decision for future broodstock. Summer steelhead interest is low, but catch rates indicate about a fish for every 10 rods of effort.

Bob Rees, The Guides ForecastTrout fishing is in full swing in most area lakes. Water temperatures and freshly stocked trout should inspire parents to take their kids fishing when school lets out. Check the ODF&W web site for details about your favorite body of water.

The Tillamook Report - Tillamook spring Chinook are starting to show with more regularity, but action is far from consistent. Soft tides this weekend should bode well for lower bay trollers using herring on the inside of the north jetty. The ocean looks to be friendly as well. Fin-clipped only Chinook may be retained in the spring control zone outside of Tillamook Bay.

District rivers are running low, clear and warm. This will make early mornings the best option for anglers and using light leaders and small baits will be key for those willing to persist. The Trask will remain the best bet for spring Chinook, and the Wilson for summer steelhead.

The soft tides should make for safe bar crossings (although always check last minute conditions) for the June 7-9 all-depth opener. Nearshore is open 7 days per week, but catches are sparse.

Bottomfishing out of Garibaldi will likely remain a slam dunk, although lingcod success is sporadic this time of year.

Astoria area - Managers met on Tuesday to discuss the sturgeon quota. Action was good on Saturday, but only fair on Monday. The bite is picking up, making it difficult to keep a lid on run-away catches.

Spring Chinook and summer steelhead are being taken upstream from Astoria, but soft weekend tides will limit catches.

Crabbing and rockfishing along the jetty remains poor.

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