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COURTESY: WILL NELSON - The cover of a proposed book about Portland makers called Portland Made. Crowd Supply, the Portland-based crowdfunding platform is putting its muscle behind “Portland Made,” the definitive book about Portland’s maker movement that details the fashion, food, beverage, and consumer goods made in Portland explosion.

Crowd Supply focuses solely on manufactured goods, selecting and vetting the products it endorses. Unlike many crowdfunding enterprises it brings products to the point of actually selling them through its store in Southeast Portland.

“We have 100 percent delivery rate, we ship, take care of order fulfillment and can connect people to manufacturers right here in Portland,” says CEO Josh Lifton. “From within five miles of my office I can get almost anything made.”

MICHAELA BANCUDThe 8” x 8” book will feature color photography and profile a sampling of the people who sparked a manufacturing renaissance, building things by hand in small batches inside of warehouses, studios, and garages.

COURTESY: WILL NELSON - Kelley Roy, ADX founder and author of Portland Made. Incentives from makers featured in the book will be announced each Wednesday on Crowd Supply during the campaign. First up is a razor from Portland Razor Co., maker of fine blades for shaving enthusiasts. The author of “Portland Made” is Kelley Roy, founder of ADX, a shared space and maker breeding ground in Southeast Portland. Roy previously wrote and self-published the book “Cartopia.”

“It’s a huge burden lifted to know that I don’t have to do the shipping and marketing this time around,” says Roy. “This isn’t just a guide,” says Roy. “It explores why there is this resurgence in manufacturing here, the roots, and what it is about this place, this ecosystem.”

The book traces today’s boom to early companies like Jantzen, Leatherman and Bullseye Glass.

“We’re seeing the next wave of manufacturers now,” says Roy. “Unlike the tech industry which is fast-paced and risky his is grounded with slow and steady growth. What’s happening here is


A Dec. 2 event at Powell’s is already planned, and if all goes well a book tour that will include the makers and their wares will hit the road.

September Featured Campaign 

Name: “Portland Made”

On: Crowd Supply


Goal: $17,000 

Deadline: Oct. 14 

So far: $4,095

Campaigns to Watch

Computer Science for Babies

On: Kickstarter

Goal: $10,000

Deadline: Sept. 30

So far: $6,226

Baby’s first word might be “code.” Father of two and computer scientist Eric Redmond has made the first computer science book for babies, “Boolean Logic for Babies.” It has non-toxic cloth pages, cute illustrations and is designed to help growing children understand the basics of computers. Teething ring included. 

Incentives include a poster that features one of the Boolean Logic animals or a custom book with your baby’s name embroidered on the cover. 

Mini Mobile Bike Carts

On: Kickstarter

Goal: $15,000

Deadline: Sept. 21

So far: $1,490

Building custom bike carts is a labor of love for Jason Brown, a North Portland fabricator who works part-time at an architecture firm. Two mobile bike carts built by Brown — a coffee cart, and a kombucha cart — are presently used by Woodlawn Farmer’s Market vendors 

to dispense beverages. All carts have a removable hitch and double kickstand. Pulling a cart in the rear means people can roll anywhere – with their small biz dreams hitched on back. This could be mobile margarita bar or coffee cart with custom pour over stand. All carts are made of reclaimed wood with black walnut accents. Brown will use the funds to ramp up production and increase his welding and wood working equipment supply.

Incentives include Brown’s original Back Porch furniture designs, a special bridge truss pour over stand, and coffee from Trailhead Coffee Roster. 

Nectar and Nosh

On: Kickstarter

Goal: $6,500

Deadline: Sept. 15

So far: $1,880

Tuesday was the last day for Jennifer Fast to raise funds. She wanted to create a mobile, roaming food cart for city parks, playgrounds that serves healthy, fresh foods and handcrafted liquid delights. She’ll focus on agua frescas, milkshakes, gourmet hot chocolates and coffee drinks. 

Treats for the four-legged set are planned, too, including dog-friendly ice cream and organic treats. 

Campaign Updates

Statera Cellars


Raised: $12,465 of $10,000 on Kickstarter

Mama’s Mini’s NW Donuts Food Cart


Raised $0 of $8,500 on Kickstarter.

Flying Fish Food Revolution


Raised $59,665 of $50,000 on Kickstarter

Emerald Moon Electric Tattoo


Raised 1,145K of $4,000 on Kickstarter.

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