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Brought to you by Mike Hall, Hasson Company Realtors - REAL ESTATE INSIDER - Sellers sometimes find out the hard way

HASSON COMPANY REALTORS - Mike HallRecently a homeowner discovered their beautiful backyard fountain and garden were placed over the lot line onto a neighbor's property.

The mistake was made years before their purchase and compounded by successive owners over time. Now, the only fix may be tearing out a gorgeous yard.

Knowing what you own, sell, or are buying takes more than looking at fences and shrubs which wander over the years.

A plat map shows the land's exact location on paper, but usually there are no obvious marks directly on the land.

A good start is a careful read of the plat map and of the land. You may find clues as to how the map and the physical plot of land either line up (or don't).

If you suspect an "encroachment," where someone has taken over land they don't actually own, the next step may be to hire a surveyor to re-locate the corners and tell you definitively where the line is.

Encroachments can usually be remedied with some neighborly cooperation, and help from an attorney to do it right.

While additions, yard improvements and water features typically add value to your home, misplaced improvements can cause trouble.

Your Realtor® should be able to help you ask key questions, read the map and the land with you, advise you on your options, find a surveyor and attorney, and disclose properly to buyers if you're selling.

Done right, good fences do make good neighbors. With a little extra care, you can get it right!

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