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Five new bike designs representing neighborhoods and history will be among the classic orange Biketown bikes this summer.

Winners of the Biketown design challenge were unveiled Thursday, May 10, with themes that celebrate five areas of Portland. Each of the five winning designs be put on bikes in the corresponding neighborhood, adding 50 bikes total throughout the summer.

"This project has been truly inspiring for everyone involved, and I've loved seeing Portland's creativity, passion for its communities, and love of physical activity come together in the Biketown Design Challenge," said John Hoke, Chief Design Officer at Nike and Biketown Design Challenge judge.

The design challenge began on February 14, and artists were asked by Biketown to "Show us your Portland." A panel of Portland government members and art and design experts viewed and judged the designs, narrowing it down to 15. The Biketown community picked the final five.

"We can't wait to see these unique designs rolling around the city this summer," said Leah Treat, Director of Portland Bureau of Transportation, "and we hope everyone will explore each neighborhood quadrant by bike and see what makes it special."

Biketown, which began to set out bright orange bikes for the public in 2016, has had more than half a million trips and more than 111,000 users. About 60 other U.S. cities have similar bike sharing programs.

Biketown winners are:

North Portland


Design name: Ride Paul Bunyan RideCOURTESY PHOTO: BIKETOWN -

Design statement: Since the Oregon State Centennial of 1959, Paul Bunyon has stood patiently, arms crossed, smiling over beloved North Portland. As a North Portland ambassador and fashion trend setter, Paul has personified the region, smiling through the winters as easily as the summers. He has contentedly watched over people, dogs, cars, MAX and bikes...thousands of bikes and bikers. But this year, the 59th year since the 1959 centennial, it is Paul's time to ride!! Stretch out those concrete arms, roll up the right leg of his skinny jeans and jump on a Nike town bike to the other quadrants of the city. Time to explore this city that has grown up around him. Please help Paul get his bike and ride, Paul Bunyon ride!

Northeast Portland


Design name: NE Cycling LifeCOURTESY PHOTO: BIKETOWN -

Design statement: The intersection of city streets adhering to a vague grid system, bikes traverse with seemingly greater ease than vehicles has fascinated me since I first called Portland home. The many one-way avenues coupled with tricky sight lines give a nearly palatable sense of adventure to all who get behind the wheel or hop on a bike. This same type of "controlled chaos" is reflected in my approach to art. I utilize a structured personal aesthetic along with an explorative color palette to convey movement, balance and form; the same elements we find in roadways throughout NE Portland. However, what makes any place great is its people. The vitality and energy I put into my art is sustained by the friends and neighbors I'm proud to know throughout Rose City as a whole; they have inspired me to continue to create and design, knowing we can all share in what makes Biketown possible.

Southeast Portland

Artist: Marguerite SchummCOURTESY PHOTO: BIKETOWN -

Design name: Explorin' SoutheastCOURTESY PHOTO: BIKETOWN -

Design statement: How can you sum up all of Southeast Portland into one illustration? By honoring all of it! Think of all the fun neighborhoods that you can travel to via BIKETOWN: To start you can grab drinks in Brooklyn, bike over to OMSI, head up Hawthorne and catch a film at the Bagdad, head down to Portland Mercado for a bite to eat, maybe later you can watch a sunset on Mount Tabor! The list goes on and on, and this illustration reflects the many beautiful, fun and quirky facets of Southeast Portland! Let's hop on a bike and explore it!

Northwest Portland


Design name: Colorful PortlandCOURTESY PHOTO: BIKETOWN -

Design statement: I see Portland as the gathering of several cultures in a multidisciplinary and innovative range in the way people interact and express themselves creatively. And it is these people who were born or who chose to adopt the city that inspired me to translate them in a multicolored way; the essence that I see of a whole.

Southwest Portland


Design name: Waterfront WandererCOURTESY PHOTO: BIKETOWN -

Design statement: Portland is home to me. I have grown up in Oregon. The main inspiration for my design was to create something that captures what the city means to me, and the things I find beautiful about it. I chose to stick to a blue and white color scheme to compliment the orange BIKETOWN aesthetic. The blue is meant to tie into the water that connects the city, while keeping the imagery simple and relatable. I plan to use this design opportunity to weave in symbols the Portland community can make connections to. Hopefully my design will simultaneously capture the modern, weird, active, adventurous, proud, kind and dynamic nature of the city I call home.

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