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The Rev. Chuck Currie must be glued to his computer. The liberal minister of Sunnyside Church and University Park Church is frequently the first to email a comment to the press about breaking social news. He did it again on Wednesday when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Currie’s remarks supporting the court’s ruling were the first to reach Portland Tribune, arriving just 10 minutes after the breaking news alert from the Washington Post and more than 45 minutes before those from Gov. John Kitzhaber, who also supported the ruling.

It took more than another hour for Mayor Charlie Hales to email his support for the ruling, followed by praise from Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian 20 minutes later — slightly more than two hours after Currie’s email.

“As a minister ordained to preach and teach the Gospel, I support the Supreme Court ruling today invalidating the Defense of Marriage Act. Homosexuality is not a sin. It is a sin to discriminate — against gays, people of color, women, children, immigrants,” wrote Currie, who went on to say “this Supreme Court has a very mixed record where civil rights are concerned.”

But although Currie beat all the in-state politicians to the punch, he has nothing on Oregon U.S. Sen Jeff Merkley. The liberal Democrat emailed a statement supporting the ruling five minutes before the breaking news alert.

Hales balances his own books

Mayor Charlie Hales didn’t only balance the city budget during the past few months, he also balanced his own campaign budget, paying off $46,000 in personal loans from last year.

Hales never stopped raising money after he won election in November. Since lifting his voluntary $600 contribution limit, the new mayor has continued pulling in big donations from a variety of sources. They included two $1,000 donations from Nike after the company decided against expanding in Portland early this year. Other significant contributions in recent months include $2,500 from Waste Management, $1,000 from Gallatin Public Affairs and $1,000 from Uptown Developers.

The most recent filings show the Hales campaign has a $31,552 surplus, including nearly $20,000 in cash and almost $19,743 in cash and $11,800 in accounts receivables. It has not outstanding obligations.

Fritz stuck in contribution hole

Not so successful has been Commissioner Amanda Fritz, whose 2012 re-election campaign is showing $138,140 in outstanding personal loans. Her actual deficit is slightly smaller at $126.922 because the campaign reported $11,192 on hand in its most recent filings.

Still, Fritz’s ability to repay her personal campaigns is hindered by her voluntary $250 donation limitation. Recent contributors who could pay more include developer Greg Goodman, Realtor Dan Volkmer and hotel owner Harold Pollin.

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