Island Station Media Lab, a 1,200-square-foot digital-media production studio, opened in May along McLoughlin Boulevard in Milwaukie and is planning an expansion to facilitate stationary “sets” for ongoing productions.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - A 24-by-16-foot cyclorama creates a green screen environment at the Island Station Media Lab in Milwaukie.Located at 11923 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd., the studio in the spot formerly occupied by Rusty’s Re-Sale caters to cash-strapped creative types seeking access to lighting, sound, photography, film production tools and production assistance at price levels that often fall below one-tenth that of professional film and television studios.

“As independent creators ourselves,” said Operations Director Kurt Loyd, “we have all run into that situation where we cannot affordably close the gap between our big ideas and the tools to make them happen. So we opened up this little creator’s clubhouse the moment we found that space.”

Loyd, a 30-year veteran of media production, is the creator and producer of Super Atomic TV, which aired from 2005 to 2008. He offers camera strobes and backdrops for digital photographers, color-balanced lighting for video, separate audio isolation booths, and a salon space for hair and makeup. For the comfort of those waiting to go on stage, a green room dubbed “The LP Lounge” features racks of vintage vinyl records to set the mood.

The largest, and most visually striking feature in the facility is the 24-foot-by-16-foot cyclorama: a “green screen” environment that can immerse multiple actors, or be painted white to facilitate large-scale photography. Loyd recently booked a small group who will be recording a five-part audio drama.

“We have played host to podcasters, web series creators, fashion and portrait photographers and a couple of commercials already,” Loyd said. “It’s amazing the diversity of creative talent this area has and the ravenous desire for that next-level production opportunity.”

The site can be visited by appointment only, 503-319-6385. More information can be found at

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