Victory Media names the university a friend of veterans and their education

The Oregon Institute of Technology recently was named to a Military-Friendly Schools list maintained by Victory Media, a national company that specializes in connecting the military and professional worlds.

The Military Friendly Schools designation is awarded to colleges, universities and trade schools that work with former service members to help them excel in the classroom and after graduation. The Military Friendly designation also is applied to employers and even cities.

The 2014 list of Military Friendly Schools featured a free, data-driven survey of more than 10,000 Veterans Administration-approved schools across the U.S. It also included a survey of more than 4,000 student veterans.

“We are very pleased to be included in the Military Friendly Schools list once again. Oregon Tech’s history is steeped in our military-oriented beginning and the strong relationship we keep with active-duty members and veterans who attend our university,” said Oregon Tech President Chris Maples.

Oregon Tech’s Wilsonville campus opened barely a year ago, but already has cultivated ties with local companies that work closely with the military. Those include imaging and optical firms FLIR and Rockwell-Collins, as well as smaller manufacturers who draw on the university’s engineering students to round out their workforce.

The name Victory Media is something of a misnomer, in that the company is not actually a traditional news outlet. Instead, the “media” in the name refers largely to the manner in which the company does its work.

The company, which is based in Pennsylvania and was formed by three military veterans, strives to connect those who are leaving the service with jobs, school and household products and services. It does this in many ways that it terms “marketplaces.” These include print magazines, websites, mobile apps, newsletters, social media and live events – hence the company name.

“Employers, schools and companies want ways to recruit them as employees, students and consumers,” according the company website “So those two worlds need a place to connect. And that’s what we do. Victory Media creates marketplaces where they can interact.”

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