(Image is Clickable Link) Pamplin Media Group offers more options for local news than any other publication in the region.Local news — news about your city, your community, your neighborhood — is the future of journalism.

No one in the media business disputes that notion. Investors as savvy as Warren Buffet are buying community newspapers because they recognize that in a rapidly changing media world, the one commodity that always will have enduring value is local news.

At the Pamplin Media Group, we know for certain that local news is the future, because it is already the basis for our business. Collectively, our group of 25 newspapers delivers more pages of local news — by a long, long shot — than any other news-gathering organization in Oregon. In a typical week, we generate more than 1,200 stories about everything from regional transportation plans to annual church bazaars. At some of our newspapers, we’ve been at it for 125 years or more.

Similarly, when it comes to local advertising, no one else comes anywhere close. In a typical week, we will carry 1,500 display ads, plus thousands of classified ads and a variety of advertising inserts. Along the way, we help to promote national corporations such as Fred Meyer and Safeway, as well as the Main Street merchants who populate the many communities we serve.

For the Pamplin Media Group, however, our business isn’t solely about gathering and reporting news and delivering important advertising information. We are engaged in the community newspaper business for a reason: We want to build stronger communities by informing our readers and inspiring them. We want our business model to be solid — and it is — but the Pamplin Media Group’s primary interest isn’t about making money. It’s about what we can do to improve quality of life, economic opportunities and a shared sense of community in the Portland area and throughout Oregon.

That’s why most of our employees live in the communities where they work. They volunteer in our schools, serve on the boards of local nonprofits and understand that our most important asset is trust.

We are extremely fortunate to be locally owned, which helps explain why the Pamplin Media Group is not following the model of competitors who are downsizing their staffs and the dimensions of their newspapers. Instead, we are growing by adding more days of delivery, more distribution and more reporting staff. We are the best source of local news, whether in print or online, but our dedication to that cause only will increase.

We are inserting these special pages about the Pamplin Media Group into our newspapers this week because we want to communicate directly with readers about our commitment to each community we serve. Simply put, we believe our business will continue to be built around our ability to inform and inspire, and by our willingness to be involved:

• Our newspapers inform: Our reporters gather the most important news each week about your cities, counties and school districts. We report on businesses opening or closing. We look for trends in the community, and we keep you up to date on events and family-friendly activities. We also provide a record of important milestones in life: births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and obituaries. A community newspaper — whether it is accessed through print or online — will always provide this vital information.

• Our newspapers inspire: Every week, we bring you stories of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things in our communities. We write about valuable volunteers, amazing kids, outstanding athletes and successful business people. In telling these stories, we hope to inspire others to help build better communities as well.

• Our newspapers are involved: Our advertising experts work with thousands of local businesses to help them carry their messages. And each year, the Pamplin Media Group assists countless nonprofit and charitable organizations as these groups also work to build stronger communities. Our efforts benefit K-12 and community college foundations, food banks, economic development groups, chambers of commerce, health-related charities and dozens upon dozens of other worthy organizations. We promote these organizations through our stories and in-kind and cash donations, which last year exceeded $500,000 in value.

As we continue to build strong communities through great local newspapers, we want to engage with you, our readers. We welcome your thoughts, suggestions and feedback — and we ask for your support. As a loyal reader of this newspaper, you are helping us to continue our mission for decades to come.

— J. Mark Garber

President and publisher

Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers


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