Strong demand for fresh salad products prompts food company to increase output by 35 percent

Reser’s Fine Foods of Washington County, best known for its salsa and other freshly prepared foods, will break ground on a new 310,000-square-foot facility in Hillsboro late this summer.

The new salad and specialty foods plant and distributions center will provide the company with 35 percent more capacity that the existing two Beaverton-area plants combined.

“This is a significant milestone for our company,” said Mark Reser, company president. “We’ve grown because we’ve listened to our customers.

“This new facility will allow us to efficiently and effectively fulfill the varies demands of an ever-evolving marketplace.”

The new facility is being designed to incorporate enhanced flexibility and the newest innovations positions the company for further expansion as growth continues. All manufacturing activities and jobs at the existing Beaverton plants will move to the new facility, slated for completion by fall 2015.

The company headquarters and corporate offices will remain at the Jenkins Road facility in Beaverton. Reser’s operates 16 facilities in the United States and Mexico and employs nearly 4,800 employees.

Reser’s, founded in 1950, makes deli salads, fresh salads, side dishes and prepared foods.

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