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$350K complaint names Chad Wolyn, a former Ockley Green Middle School teacher

A former Ockley Green Middle School student is suing Portland Public Schools for the sexual harassment she says she endured at the hands of teacher Chad Wolyn.

Identified by the pseudonym B.E. in court documents, the student alleges inappropriate touching of her breasts, thighs and buttocks on about 20 occasions during the 1999-2000 school year.

“Wolyn used the grooming process to accomplish his acts of sexual battery of Plaintiff, which was committed in direct connection and for the purposes of fulfilling Wolyn’s agency relationship with PPS and within the time and space limits of his role as a teacher,” reads the complaint filed Tuesday, March 17 in Multnomah County Circuit Court. The lawsuit claims $350,000 in economic and non-economic damages, plus attorney and court fees.

Portland sex crimes attorney Randall Vogt filed the complaint and was not available for comment Saturday.

B.E., who would be in her late-20s now, says she only recently realized the alleged touching was abusive.

“Plantiff did not initially perceive the sexual contact between her and Wolyn as abusive because Wolyn was careful to make sure that the sexual touching appeared to be an accident,” the complaint reads. “Prior to 2014, Plaintiff did not discover and could not reasonably have discovered, the causal connection between her abuse and the resulting injuries because psychological conditions arising from being abused by a trusted teacher prevented that discovery.”

Having left PPS, Wolyn is now a pastor at a Spanish-language church in South Central Los Angeles called Fuente para las Naciones (Fountain to the Nations).

“Chad, who taught in the public schools system for 11 years, loves using his various gifts and abilities to help people fulfill their calling and purpose in life,” reads the World Impact website for the pastor and his family. The website says Wolyn married his wife, Fabiola, after they met during a missionary trip to Mexico. A website for the Central Peninsula Church says they now have three children.

“He chose to work in one of the poorest and most problem-riddled schools in Portland — positioning himself to be part of the solution of turning the school around and reflecting God’s love for his students, their families and the community,” reads the website. “Chad then took a year off to focus on foreign missions. He started the ministry Kid Links and served in Mexico, focusing much of his heart on the largest housing project in Puebla. Since 2009, he has spearheaded planting a church amongst Spanish-speaking immigrants in the forgotten and hurting shadows of South Central Los Angeles.”

Wolyn did not immediately respond to a Facebook message for comment.

Portland Public Schools spokeswoman Christine Miles did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

By Shasta Kearns Moore
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