TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Burgerville wants to get an Oregon liquor license to sell craft beer, hard cider and wine at its Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard restaurant. The company sells alcoholic beverages at its Salmon Creek and Portland International Airport shops.Burgerville plans to add craft beer, hard cider and wine to the menu of its Hawthorne Boulevard restaurant.

The Vancouver, Wash., fast-food company has asked Oregon’s Liquor Control Commission for a license to sell alcohol at the restaurant, 1122 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.{obj:7349} It would be the company’s third restaurant to serve beer, hard cider and wine. Burgerville has sold alcohol at its Salmon Creek, Wash., restaurant for about six years, and at its Portland International Airport food court shop has sold the beverages since late last year.

It’s part of a “localized experiment” for a few Burgerville restaurants, and the company doesn’t plan to add alcohol to menus at its other 37 shops. Sara Perrin, Burgerville spokeswoman, said the company only added the beverages after “direct guest requests, and the local neighborhood desires and preferences.”

“Once we have an approved OLCC license, we are curious to see the impact (if any) of serving craft beer and hard cider at the Hawthorne Burgerville may have in inviting guests into this location; those that may otherwise choose a neighboring restaurant because of the diversity of beverage options that other restaurant may offer,” Perrin said. “This is a localized experiment and does not signal a larger plan to be implemented companywide.”

Burgerville has 40 restaurants and nearly 1,500 employees in Washington and Oregon. The Burgerville chain is part of The Holland, a privately owned company started in 1961.

Alcoholic beverages will only be sold in the dining rooms and aren’t available on drive-through or to-go menus.

Only a few alcoholic beverages are sold each day at the company’s Salmon Creek and PDX shops, Perrin said. So far, no one has complained about the sales, she said.

“Many family-friendly restaurants serve alcohol, and at Hawthorne Burgerville, it is simply an addition to the vast selection of beverages available in the dining room,” Perrin said.