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KOIN 6 NEWS - This MAX train flooded when it drove through high standing water under the Morrison Street Bridge in downtown Portland on Halloween.Following days of controversy over damage to TriMet MAX trains that drove through high standing water during the Halloween rain storm, the regional transit agency has released clips of audio communications between controllers and drivers.

"In these transmissions, you will hear about rapidly changing conditions as heavy rains turned to downpours and reports of standing water. You will hear controllers providing guidance to operators, and communicating TriMet’s standard operating procedure to restrict speeds to 10 mph in areas of standing water. You also will hear missed opportunities.," TriMet said when it released the clips late Thursday.

The union representing TriMet drivers has accused agency managers of ordering them to drive through the water. TriMet denies the charges and says the drivers were instructed to use their judgment.

According to TriMet, in one clip, a controller advises, “We’re coming out with a train order that states that X standing water, slow to 10 miles an hour and clear to proceed through standing water. Of course, use your best judgment.” In another clip, the train order is formally issued., TriMet says

"X" indicates a garbled transmission, TriMet says.

More than a dozen MAX trains were removed from service for inspection and repairs. The Oregon Department of Transportation is investigating the circumstances leading up to the problems.

"While this was a unique situation in our history, we are doing all we can to prevent this from reoccurring. We are dedicated to learn from this incident and implement changes to improve our operations during emergencies and in our daily operations. Our comprehensive investigation continues and we will keep our riders and the public informed of this work," TriMet says.

To listen to the audio clips click on the following links: Audio #1, Audio #2, Audio #3.

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