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Who says cheerleading isn't a sport?

Parkrose High SchoolFor those who think cheerleading is not a sport, just attend any cheer competition and see why cheerleaders are some of the toughest and most daring athletes in high school sports.Wilson High SchoolLincoln High SchoolLincoln High School

Cheerleaders not only have a ton of confidence to perform in front of large crowds, but most have to have strength, stamina, balance and flexibility to perform on competitive cheer teams. Theses skills were all on full display at the 2016 Oregon High School Cheerleading State Championships held at the Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, Feb 13.

Lake Oswego High SchoolWilsonville High SchoolFor those of the faint of heart, seeing cheerleaders being tossed high up in the air definitely added some drama to the overall competition. Just ask the parents of each cheer team’s flyer - the cheerleader who has the guts to risk her life to be thrown high-up in the air or stacked at the top of a human pyramid.

This year’s state championship had it’s share of falls and injuries which are just par-for-the-course when it comes to competing in one of the most injury-prone sports.

Here are just a few photos that show how much strength and trust goes into performing at the state cheer competition level:

Churchill High SchoolBarlow High SchoolLakeridge High SchoolLiberty High SchoolMilwaukie High School Newberg High SchoolParkrose High SchoolSherwood High SchoolThe Dalles High SchoolTigard High SchoolTualatin High SchoolWest Albany High SchoolWest Linn High School

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