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TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders told an overflow crowd Sunday morning that the nation needed to change its 'rigged economy' and fight the powerful 'oligarchy.'Democratic presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders roused a jam-packed campaign rally with his message of revolution and economic change at Vancouver’s Hudson Bay High School Sunday afternoon.

Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont who is seeking the Democratic nomination, told crowd of several thousand mostly young people that he wanted to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, make colleges and universities tuition-free and push for a change in the tax system that benefits the weathly.

“This campaign is listening to young people, who by definition are the future of America,” Sanders said to the cheering crowd. “Young people have their vision and their dreams for America. That is the future for this country, and that is what this campaign is doing.”

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - A supporter took photos during Sunday afternoon's campaign rally in Vancouver, Wash., for Sen. Bernie Sanders. Hudson Bay High School's gym was packed during the rally, with hundreds of people waiting outside.Sanders was in Vancouver as part of a three-city sweep through Washington state Sunday to rev up his voters ahead of the March 26 Democratic caucus. Winner of that caucus will get the state’s 118 delegates.

Several hundred people lined up in the Sunday morning rain outside Vancouver’s Hudson Bay High School to hear Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. Doors to the event didn’t open until 11 a.m., but hundreds of people lined up hours before to get a spot in the gymnasium.

During his nearly hour-long speech, Sanders told the full house that a rigged economy was benefiting only the wealthy and it would take a “political revolution” to change the tax structure and create an “economy that works for all of us.”

“What this campaign is essentially about is whether or not we retain our democratic foundations or whether we move to an oligarchy society,” Sanders said to roaring cheers. “We say to Wall Street: no, this country is not going to become an oligarchy. We are a democracy.”

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - Sen. Bernie Sanders went outside in the rain and spoke to hundreds of people who couldn't get into Hudson Bay High School's gym for Sunday afternoon's campaign rally.Sanders also touched on the legalization of recreational marijuana, something Washington did four years ago, talking about legislation he introduced to remove marijuana from a federal list of prohibited drugs. The change could help states like Oregon, Washington and Colorado that have legalized recreational marijuana, but still face problems because the federal government considers pot an illegal drug.

Sanders’ bill called “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015,” was introduced in November 2015.

“The war on drugs has failed,” Sanders told the audience, and possession of marijuana should no longer be considered a federal crime.

He also urged the audience to caucus for him next week to continue his “revolutionary” push for change.

“Everybody here today knows that real change never takes place from the top down,” Sanders said. “It always happens from the bottom up.”

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - Jim Lewis and Jill (who didn't want to share her last name) were close to the front of the line Sunday morning, March 20, at Sen. Bernie Sanders' Vancouver, Wash., rally. They showed up at 6:30 a.m. to get a seat in the Hudson Bay High School gym. About 275 people were ahead of them in line.

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders waited hours in the rain to hear him talk Sunday afternoon at Hudson Bay High School in Vancouver.

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - T-shirts were on sale at the gym's door.

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - Hundreds of people waited outside in the rain and cold when they could not get into the high school gym for a rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders.

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - Sanders spoke to people outside the high school after his rally Sunday afternoon.

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - Sen. Bernie Sanders shook hands with supporters after he spoke for nearly an hour at Hudson Bay High School in Vancouver, Wash., Sunday afternoon.

TRIBUNE PHOTO: DIEGO DIAZ - Sanders pressed his supporters to attend the Washington Democratic caucus next week.

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