Newlywed couple brings bakery to Charbonneau

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - After a six-month move-in process, Brandon and Chanelle Walters of Lux Sucre Desserts married just in time to open the business' doors in Charbonneau.Do bakers bake their own wedding cakes?

In Brandon and Chanelle Walters’ case, the answer is yes — and they also make the appetizers, decorations and the bride’s dress. Add expanding a business and relocating it to the wedding preparations, and you have the story of Lux Sucre Desserts, a bakery that’s just opened its doors in Wilsonville’s Charbonneau neighborhood.

Brandon, a Portland native, began a career in small business at age 17, working for his older brother’s photo finishing lab in southwest Portland. Eventually he came to manage the shop. The experience helped him to form a “small business mentality” — especially with respect to the work ethic that comes with the responsibility of keeping a business afloat.

Chanelle is originally from Washington state. She attended Oregon Culinary Institute in 2010, and began to bake for friends and family while there. For the last four years, she has worked out of a shared commissary kitchen in Tigard, paying an hourly rate for use of the space.

Several years ago, the couple met online and began dating. After Brandon proposed last August, they began to look at ways to combine their interests in business, and to seek a permanent home for Lux Sucre.

“We were ready to take our business to the next level,” Chanelle says. “We weren’t sure how we wanted to do that, but a storefront was always our goal.”

Initially, they looked for a spot near downtown Portland. But they were concerned that the cost of renting a space would be prohibitively expensive, and broadened their search.

Eventually they heard about the spot in Charbonneau. “Something about it kept drawing me back to it,” Chanelle says. She showed it to a friend, and then to Brandon, before deciding to move in at the beginning of this year. The atmosphere of the neighborhood was attractive, they say, and the location has a competitive advantage: There are few bakeries in the south metro area.

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Chanelle Walters, a Washington native, studied baking at Oregon Culinary Institute before opening Lux Sucre Desserts. The business has been debuting new treats now that it has a storefront in Wilsonville.It took six months to move in. The former barber shop’s plumbing system needed an overhaul, and the rest of the space needed to be designed and decorated as well, which Chanelle and Brandon did themselves.

“That’s what took us a little longer — I’m not a carpenter, so I had to figure it out,” Brandon says.

They’d initially planned to marry last fall — Brandon proposed in August 2015 — but didn’t want to miss serving a flurry of weddings in need of cakes. They kept catering weddings throughout, making the couple doubly busy.

“It was hard to pull the plug on this place for a little bit. But we realized we had to focus on our wedding to get it done,” Brandon says.

Just before opening the shop last month, they were married in Hood River and took a week-long honeymoon to Hawaii. It was difficult to take two weeks off, Brandon says, but they worried they’d never go on one if they didn’t immediately.

Already Lux Sucre has become a popular breakfast stop for local residents. In addition to cakes, the shop sells a host of baked goods that range from miniature fruit pies — called “dainty pies” — to cookies, cupcakes, coffee cake, macaroons, scones and more.

Brandon and Chanelle like the community, which they’ve found relaxed and welcoming. They say they’d love to move here someday.

“Everyone has been incredibly excited and happy for us,” Chanelle says.

“We’ve only met friendly people out here,” Brandon says. “It’s gone really well.”

Lux Sucre Desserts is located at 31840 S.W. Charbonneau Drive, Suite H, Wilsonville, and is open 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday.

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