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(Image is Clickable Link) PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTO - A new WalletHub survey reported Wednesday that Portland is the No. 1 city for coffee lovers in the nation.Have you had your morning coffee?

Mmmmm. Good, right?

You just drank your coffee in the No. 1 city for coffee lovers.

A new survey by online financial services company WalletHub reported Wednesday that Portland is the top city in the nation for coffee drinkers. The Rose City scored a little better than West Coast cities Seattle and San Francisco on the WalletHub ranking.

That wasn’t news to the Oregon Coffee Board, a Portland-area trade group representing coffee roasters and shops. “All we can say is thanks, and it is nothing we didn't already know,” said Dan M. Welch of World Cup Coffee, the group’s public relations chairman. “This means a lot for local coffee companies. It is validation for what we do and love.”

Welch said the local coffee industry's innovative thinking and creativity is “still on the upward end of the curve in this town.” Portland has attracted major national coffee publications primarily because “this is coffee ground zero for what is happening,” he said.

“The innovations in coffee keep coming. Nossa Familia is introducing a new line of cold brews for the grab and go consumer. Portland Roasting and Stumptown have opened the benchmarks for what an airport coffee bar should look like. Water Avenue is creating culinary coffee beverages and working with partners to create pairings never done before. My own company, World Cup, is bringing that coffee shop experience to the work place so you can enjoy a specialty coffee experience at your desk.

“We have an endless possibility here, and the recognition is appreciated,” Welch added.

The Top 10 cities for coffee lovers:

• Portland

• Seattle

• Minneapolis

• Pittsburgh

• Orlando

• San Francisco

• New Orleans

• Madison, Wisc.

• Cincinnati

• Scottsdale, Ariz.

WalletHub, owned by Evolution Finance Inc. in Washington, D.C., is an online financial advice company that also reviews financial products and produces surveys on issues and services.

A mid-July Gallup poll found that two-thirds of U.S. adults drink at least one cup of coffee a day, with some drinking 2.7 cups each day. The U.S. also leads the world in coffee consumption, drinking 146 billion cups a year (about 400 million cups a day).

According to the Sept. 28 WalletHub survey, Portland was tops among the biggest 100 cities in a dozen categories, including the number of coffee shops, coffee houses and cafés per capita, the average price of a coffee pack, the percentage of households with coffeemakers, the number of coffee and tea manufacturers, the number of doughnut shops, the local coffee-centric events and Google searches for the word “coffee.”

Portland has around 50 coffee roasters across the city and dozens of coffee shops.

According to the survey, the Rose City tied with San Francisco, Honolulu, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Anchorage for the most affordable coffee shops rated 4 stars or better. Portland also tied Seattle and San Francisco for the most coffee shops per capita.

Portland was in a five-way tie with Seattle, Anchorage, Colorado Springs, New Orleans and Fort Wayne, Ind., for the most coffee and tea manufacturers.

The most doughnut shops per capita? Boston won that one hands down. The fewest doughnut shops? Anchorage.

The lowest average price of a cappuccino? Louisville, Ky. The highest price for a cappuccino? Honolulu.

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