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Data center changing security companies; new company expected to rehire most displaced workers

Facebook's security company will lay off 85 local data center employees at the end of this month, following a decision to change security companies.??

According to a notification sent to Security Industry Specialists, based in Culver City, Calif., employees at Prineville's Facebook Data Center were given a 60-day notice of the layoffs. The 85 employees laid off include an operations manager, 10 security operations center operators, seven shift supervisors, 66 security specialists, and a senior manager.

According to its Facebook page, Security Industry Specialists, Inc. "provides unique security solutions to Fortune 500 luxury brands and tech companies, special events, and celebrity clients."

Facebook spokesman Lee Weinstein said that Facebook is changing contract security vendors for all its U.S. data centers, including Prineville.

"An RFP was issued nationally and a new security company contractor has been selected, G4S Secure Solutions," he said. "G4S has an open recruitment policy, and anyone including the incumbent security provider's current employees at the Prineville data center are welcome and encouraged to apply for positions. It is expected that many will transition to G4S."

Because of this approach, Prineville Mayor Betty Roppe is confident the impact of the security company changeover will be minimal.

"I am not concerned about it," she said. "I believe the new company will pick up the people who lost their positions with the previous company."

Crook County Judge Seth Crawford has reached a similar conclusion, but said the county is prepared to help anyone who does find themselves out of work.

"We are going to work and give them the resources that they need to find jobs," he said.

Weinstein went on to say that Facebook is not involved in the hiring decisions of its vendors, including G4S. G4S will manage the hiring process and will be solely responsible for determining which security personnel to hire and place on site at the data center.

According to Weinstein, as of the beginning of last month, there were approximately 200, including Facebook employees and full-time contracted.

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