Cars blocking intersections and running red lights prompts consideration of new program

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLAIRE GREEN - At the corner of Wilsonville Road and Boones Ferry, cars hoping to escape the afternoon traffic and make the light often stack across the intersection. When congestion is at a high, many of these vehicles get stuck in the intersection, blocking traffic in other directions.

Over the years, traffic in Wilsonville has increased to frustrating proportions and intersections along Wilsonville Road show the trend.

At the intersections of Wilsonville Road and Town Center Loop W and Wilsonville Road and Boone Ferry, vehicles can be seen running red lights and blocking the intersections regularly, leading the City Council to consider a red light program at the Feb. 23 work session.

"You've got this issue of cars that are pushing the light or going through after the light and everyone else is still stopped so they're going to force their way through," Mayor Tim Knapp said. "Then you have the left-turn questions that we've addressed previously, especially at Boones Ferry and Wilsonville Road, about blocking the intersection."

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