Resolution adopted by state party's central committee calls on members of Congress to resign if they won't work on 'real issues.'

COURTESY ORP - Oregon Republican PArty Chair Bill CurrierThe Republican Party of Oregon believes Congress should be investigating former President Barack Obama instead of wasting its time on allegations the Trump campaign colluded with Russians — and it urges Republican members to resign if they aren't willing to focus on what it considers "real issues," like the federal government's management of its Western lands.

Those sentiments are included in a resolution adopted by the Oregon Republican Party Central Committee on June 10 and released Sunday by Chairman Bill Currier. The resolution is called "Resolution of the Oregon Republican Party in Support of President Trump and Calling on Congress to Focus on the Critical Problems Facing the Republic."

Considering that Democrats outnumber Republicans in Oregon by a margin of 964,208 to 703,100, and Hillary Clinton beat Trump by 52 percent to 41 percent, most voters in the state probably disagree with the resolution.

Oregon's lone Republican member of Congress, U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, has also been slow to defend Trump against the mounting criticisms over his campaign's contact with Russians and handling of national and international issues.

Nevertheless, the resolution says that allegations the Obama Administration used the National Security Administration for political purposes are more serious than those concerning Trump and the Russians, which "do not threaten the Republic and are a distraction from the grave dangers we face."

The resolution also calls on members of Congress to resign if they are not willing to make progress on what the ORP considers more important issues, "so that our members can elect representatives willing to perform that job." It does not draw a distinction between Democratic and Republican members who are not willing to focus on such issues as illegal immigration, high taxes, and "the politicization of our courts."

And the resolution directs the party's national committeeman and committeewoman to seek adoption of a similar resolution by the Republican National Committee.

Previously, Currier has issued statements criticizing Mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland police for not cracking down harder on anti-Trump protesters.

You can read the resolution here.

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