Formal filing comes on the first day it permissibly could without her resigning her current job.

TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Multnomah Commissioner Loretta Smith has made it official, filing her papers to run for Portland City Council on Jan. 2.Multnomah Commissioner Loretta Smith has formally filed for Portland City Council, officially jumping into the crowded race for the seat of outgoing city Commissioner Dan Saltzman.

Smith's submitted her filing on Tuesday morning and it is expected to be posted on the city website Thursday.

Smith will face off with three other formal candidates: ormer lawmaker Jo Ann Hardesty, neighborhood activist Felicia Williams, and mayoral aide Andrea Valderrama.

Smith is the most seasoned of the bunch in terms of holding office. Since her election to the board in 2010, the former staffer to U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden has aggressively pushed for funding for summer jobs for disadvantaged young people, often characterizing herself as "giving voice to the voiceless."

The formal filing comes as Smith has come under scrutiny over her decision to declare her intent to run in September and over her subsequent campaign activities, notwithstanding a provision in the county charter that critics say means board members can't run until their final year of office without resigning.

Smith says she followed the county's advice. For more details, read a more detailed article here.

In an announcement on her Facebook page, she said her campaign kickoff will happen on Jan. 13.

Here is her statement:

"I have decided run for City Council because the most vulnerable need a voice in our community.

"I am running to help those who are being left out of the prosperity and left behind with rising rents and expenses.

"We're losing focus on making this a place where everyone can live, work, and play.

"Through my career, I've haven't been afraid of a tough fight for what is right. My dad was a boxer and my mom a UAW worker. That is the type of leader we need on City Council."

She cited her work to "improve this community and my commitment to being a voice for everyone at City Hall."

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