City Council candidiate had previously criticized mayor for wanting to keep exemption for landlords with only one property.

PORTLAND TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Jo Ann HardestyCity Council candidate Jo Ann Hardesty is praising Mayor Ted Wheeler for changing his mind about exempting landlords with only one rental property from the city's tenant protection policies.

Hardesty criticized Wheeler in January when the mayor said he was not convinced the exemption should be repealed when the policies are renewed later this month. The exemption was included in the policies sponsored by Wheeler and Commissioner Chloe Eudaly last February.

Among other things, they require landlords to pay moving costs ranging from $2,900 to $4,500 in most cases of no-cause evictions and 10 percent rent hikes.

But on Tuesday, Wheeler let it be known he had changed his mind. Instread, he now believes the exemption should only apply to owner-occupied duplexes and accessory dwelling units. That change is now expected to pass when the council takes the policies up for renewal on Feb. 28.

"I am thrilled that the council reconsidered this policy, and came to the conclusion that advocates and renters have come to over a year ago, that protections must be extended to all renters in order to help end our housing crisis."

An unofficial analysis by Chariot Wheel Research estimates that approximatrely 24,000 units (nearly 20%) are not covered by the current renter relocation policy. That nearly 20 percent of the city's rental stock and more than 50,000 Portland residents.

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