Kevin Taylor, 55, of Fairview, was convicted by a jury following the incident in November, 2016.

POLICE PHOTO - Kevin Taylor A man convicted of groping a woman's crotch inside a Portland Community College library will spend at least three months in jail, prosecutors say.

Kevin L. Taylor was convicted of third-degree sexual abuse following the incident at PCC's Cascade Campus on Killingsworth Street in North Portland on Nov. 1, 2016. He was acquitted of harassment and two other sexual abuse charges by a jury.

The 55-year-old Fairview resident — who bailed himself out shortly after his arrest — must begin his 90-day sentence by August 1. If he fails to complete 160 hours of court-ordered community service by 2020, he will spend another month behind bars.

Derrick Foxworth, who directs public safety at the college, said Taylor was not an enrolled student.

"This successful conviction highlights the good work done by Public Safety personnel in responding to reported incidents on campus, properly preserving evidence and maintaining good working relationships with local law enforcement and the District Attorney's office," Foxworth said in a news release.

Taylor sat down at a table where a woman was studying, "spread his legs wide" and then put his hand on her inner thigh and vagina, according to the Multnomah County District Attorney's office and court records. The woman slammed her books shut and left.

During the trial, prosecutors introduced cell phone data as evidence that Taylor was in the area. The incident was captured by PCC surveillance cameras but was partly obscured by a pillar.

Taylor apparently touched another woman inside the library first, court documents reported. The unidentified student got up after Taylor rubbed her leg with his leg.

Detective Mike Bledsoe also suspects Taylor of groping a woman watching "Mad Max" inside a movie theater in 2015, according to court documents, but those charges were not substantiated.

Taylor has six previous felony convictions and five misdemeanor convictions, according to booking records, including for assault, bank robbery, trespassing and violation of a no contact order.

"Taylor will have to register as a sex offender and participate in a mental health evaluation and treatment, if recommended by his probation officer," a news release reports. "Additionally, the court ordered that the defendant undergo a psychosexual evaluation and receive any treatment if warranted."

He has been banned from PCC for the duration of his probation.

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