The district reverses its controversial decision to stop single sales on milk after parent outcry.

PORTLAND TRIBUNE - A 2001 photo of a student being handed chocolate milk at King School in Northeast Portland. Portland Public Schools announced Monday that it would go back to selling milk to all the students who want it.

In an attempt to rein in spending, the district had decided this year not to do milk sales when students did not purchase an entire hot lunch along with it.

"In an effort to contain growing unpaid student meal debt, the district made a decision to discontinue a la carte milk sales at the beginning of the school year," reads a statement put out Monday at lunchtime from the district. "However, after hearing the concerns of students, families and educators, the district has re-evaluated this situation and reversed our decision. In addition to a la carte sales, milk continues to be served as part of our free and reduced lunch program and with purchased student meals."

According to KOIN News 6, the district was stuck with $200,000 of debt last school year from unpaid bills.

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