Radio host defies Portland State University policy during live video at Smith Memorial Student Union

(Image is Clickable Link) COURTESY PHOTO - Radio host Lars Larson speaks during a live broadcast at Smith Memorial Student Union at Portland State University on Oct. 25.Lars Larson and his gun are not easily parted, it seems.

The radio host says he defied a Portland State University policy banning firearms on campus during a recent video broadcast from Smith Memorial Student Union.

Larson didn't display a weapon at any point during the six-minute-long live video, but he did say he had a concealed carry permit in his wallet.

"That allows you to carry a pistol, and I'm carrying one today," Larson explained on Thursday, Oct. 25.

Larson and PSU have locked horns since the school's administrators canceled an October event planned by the local College Republicans club, who invited the conservative commentator to host his radio show from campus in honor of Second Amendment week.

A producer for the radio program and a student organizer apparently alerted Campus Police Chief Donnell Tanksley that Larson planned to bring a gun to the event. That conflicts with a PSU policy approved in 2012, which says only public safety officers can carry guns inside campus buildings, at sporting matches or during other events. All other employees, students and visitors are prohibited from packing heat.

The policy appears to rest on a shaky legal foundation. The Oregon Appeals Court has ruled on multiple occasions that public universities have overstepped their authority by enforcing gun bans that can only be lawfully enacted by the state legislature.

Larson agrees, but says he skipped the GOP event after PSU began talking about cutting off club funding or disciplining students. In his version of the story, he offered to host the College Republicans at his radio studio six block away, but administrators said the students would need to create a "travel plan" first that would likely take a month to approve.

"PSU threatened the student group," Larson said. "I don't want to see kids punished for that."

Records obtained by the Gateway Pundit confirm the basic outlines of the narrative, including that academic group adviser Virginia Ngilmau Pedro Rivard Luka warned the College Republicans that sanctions against the club were possible.

"Individual group leaders who assisted with the event planning may go through the conduct process with the Dean of Student Life Office," Luka added in an email.

Portland State University is currently hosting nine forums about gun safety on campus after two campus officers fatally shot Jason Washington four months ago.

"Lars Larson was not invited to campus by the campus Republicans or any other group when he came very briefly to the Smith Memorial Student Union last week without notifying campus administration," PSU spokesman Kenny Ma said in an email. "I am not aware of plans to pursue any sort of legal charges against him at this time."

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