Portlanders are hailing cars toward Voodoo Doughnut, Crystal Ballroom, White Owl, the MAC and more

FILE PHOTO - People get into a Uber in Portland's Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood. Need a ride?

These days, Portlanders are quick to pull out their phones when they need a lift, and one ride-sharing app has been tracking their most-oft requested destinations.

Lyft, which controls less market share than Uber, puts out its list of top destinations each year — and the 2018 "Lyftie" awards may come as a surpise to some readers.

Here's where tourists and locals are heading when they hail a ride:

Most Visited Bar: White Owl Social Club

Most Visited Concert Venue: McMenamins Crystal Ballroom

Most Visited Fitness Studio: Multnomah Athletic Club

Most Visited Brunch Spot: Tasty n Alder

Most Visited Late-Night Restaurant: Voodoo Doughnut

Most Visited Late-Night Neighborhood: Buckman

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