Sam Hawley is lucky. A win of $1,750 spurred more gambling, and a huge jackpot in Wilsonville.

COURTESY PHOTO - Sam Hawley and his pet LouisIt's often been said that getting up early will make you "healthy, wealthy and wise" — but one Portland man truly found the pot of gold hidden at the crack of dawn.

Local early bird Sam Hawley turned a modest win of $1,750 into a $118,000 payday after he woke up too early to redeem his smaller prize.

Hawley won his initial prize while playing the Special Keno 8-Spot, and dutifully reported to the Oregon Lottery's Wilsonville Payment Center a few days ago to collect.

The only problem? He arrived at 7:30 a.m., while the sleepy state officials don't clock in until an hour later.

With nothing better to do, Hawley headed over to the Fred Meyer just a few blocks away on Wilsonville Road and purchased another Keno ticket with the same numbers.

All eight of his numbers matched, bringing him $25,000 — and the rolling jackpot of $93,759.60.

Hawley didn't realize his good fortune until he arrived at the Lottery redemption office.

"I have used the same numbers for years," he said.

Clackamas County recieved some $55 million between 2015 and 2017 from the Oregon Lottery, which collects far more than it pays out.

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