The Mayor of Portland is undaunted by the 'trolls' and 'naysayers' who stalk his online offerings.

COURTESY TWITTER - A screenshot of Portland Mayor Ted Wheer's Twitter profile. Ted Wheeler is a glutton for punishment, apparently.

The first-term Portland mayor has no desire to get off social media, despite the well-publicized link between online interaction and deteriorating mental health.

The mayor admits that "trolls," "naysayers" and "a lot of hate" haunt the digital world — but still enjoys engaging with his 24,000 followers on Twitter and 12,000 fans on Facebook.

"I had more of a positive vision for the way social media would enfold," the mayor said wistfully during his monthly press briefing on Friday, Nov. 14. "But on balance these tools are still really, really important as a means of engaging people in the community who you might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage."

He's speaking from experience. Like many politicians, the mayor can be bombarded with critical replies to his posts, especially when local riots or protests are spotlighted by national media. He says many of his detractors are not residents of the city and believes some may not even live in America.

As of press time, all of the comments on his latest online offering were negative, including a response in all caps claiming that Antifa takes people hostage, another calling him a "Republican shill," and another suggesting the words affordable housing should be in scare quotes.

Wheeler's post was a short video involving a formerly homeless woman sharing her personal experiences.

The final response: "Your cops swept dignity village on the coldest night of the year so far."

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