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In 1997, Fairview banned constructing, replacing or fixing billboards... but that law may change.

STAFF PHOTO: MATT DEBOW  - Fairviews current municipal code doesnt allow the owner to replace this aging billboard. , Gresham Outlook - News Councilors divided between 1997 vision and current path for the  Fairview community.   Fairview council debates merits of replacing three billboardsAn advertising company may need to replace its aging billboard in Fairview, unless the sign's owner can convince the City Council to amend the city's billboard prohibition.

In 1997, Fairview banned constructing, replacing or fixing billboards with the intention of the signs disappearing from the city's landscape as they aged. Meadow Outdoor Advertising (MOA) owns one of the three large signs remaining in the city.

MOA had requested Fairview amend its sign-replacement ban so the company could replace the billboard's four supporting beams with one pole to create a smaller visual ground impact. In addition to replacing the post, MOA requested an increase in the structure's height and the sign's allowable square footage.

When the issue was first discussed during a public hearing on Wednesday, Jan. 16, councilors supported letting MOA replace the post to create less visual impact, but were unsure about allowing a height increase or adding more square footage.

The council postponed the discussion until a work session on Wednesday, Feb. 20. By the time the session rolled around, councilors decided MOA's proposed revisions went too far.

The council took no action on a resolution to amend Fairview's billboard prohibition, effectively upholding the city's 1997 ban.

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