Rose City residents saw a buck-naked man lolloping in North Portland, and the video has gone viral.

MIC CAPES VIA KOIN 6 NEWS - A censored image shows a nude jogger hussling down Lombard Street in North Portland on March 1.Portlanders are increasingly trigger-happy when it comes to dialing 9-1-1 — but there's at least one sight that leaves the city's jaded denizens barely batting an eye.

Here's the proof: A nonchalantly naked jogger caught on video in North Portland recently didn't generate any logged calls, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

"I don't have information about any calls on this person," Sgt. Kevin Allen told the Tribune.

The up-and-coming rapper known as Mic Capes first posted on Friday, March 1 footage of the unclad pedestrian, who isn't wearing a shred except for a pair of red running shoes as he jogs on North Lombard Street.

To be clear, Portland's indecent exposure law makes it illegal for anyone to expose their genitalia while in public or in a place that's visible to the public if that public place is "available to persons of the opposite sex."

But residents do let their dangly bits get some sunshine on occasion ... with local law enforcement's blessing.

Explains Sgt. Allen: "The Police Bureau often exercises its discretion on enforcing this (i.e. the Naked Bike Ride)."

Calls to Portland's Bureau of Emergency Communications have jumped about 30 percent since fiscal year 2013, according to a recent report by Willamette Week.

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