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After Sandra McDonough announced that Oregon Business Industry would be neutral on a business tax hike to pay for public schools, State Sen. Brian Boquist calls her 'liar' and demands she be fired.

Editor's note: Oregon Business Industry, a group representing portions of the business community, this week surprised many by deciding to be neutral on a proposed, $1 billion-per-year increase in K-12 public school spending, even though the proposal calls for a corporate activity tax.Sandra McDonough

Sandra McDonough, former CEO of the Portland Business Alliance, now serves as CEO of Oregon Business Industry.

On Friday, May 3, State Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, send a letter to McDonough, calling her a liar, demanding that she be fired, and threatening to call Oregon State Police on her, if she visited his office.Sen. Brian Boquist

Boquist sent a copy of his letter to the Tribune, along with an email from McDonough to her Oregon Business Industry board members, outlining the school funding proposal; the tax increases; the process; and issues such as paid family leave, the State Accident Insurance Fund; and carbon reduction.

The following is Boquist's letter, lightly edited. Passages in bold are by Boquist's choice, not the editor's.

Boquist letter

Ms. McDonough:

You appear to be lying. Please explain your email below.

For the record, I am the ranking minority member on the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee. I have been for years. I am the Co-vice chair on Joint Transportation which has taxing authority as well. Likewise, I am the ranking minority senator on Joint Tax Expenditures. Other than exchanging courtesies a few years ago, we have never talked to each other. Likewise, I could not pick Mike Stober out of crowd unless he has an Antifa mask on, which would be appropriate at this time. I have discussed your lies in the email below with both minority leaders. I have asked both other minority vice chairs about your below email. The best quote from them is "I feel about as sold out as anyone when it comes to OBI's position." In short, you are a liar.

You interfered with the legislative process just like one would expect of a socialist corporate oligarch. To clarify, it is very clear you represent a couple of multinational corporations bent on throwing the rest of the OBI members under the bus, along with citizens in my district. Every bill you cite below lacked the votes to pass thus you negotiated with yourself. Since you are utterly clueless on taxation, HB 3427 does not contain anything close to a value added tax. It is a sales tax on businesses, nothing more. Some 'special' multinational corporations are exempt or will pay virtually nothing. It is just as apparent you do not understand the governor appoints the board of SAIF. Your carbon comments are a red herring which demonstrates you are fully unqualified to address carbon issues at all.

As to your excuse on a "public statement" about your phony deal let me outline reality to you. President Courtney and Sen. Burdick are denying much of what you have outline but are delighted with your complete surprise statements. There are not 18 votes in the State Senate for your sorry debacle. President Courtney offered a $20 million bribe for a Republican State Senator to vote for HB 3427. Some of your own members are alleging OBI members paid for votes too. Other bills are being held hostage to get a blackmail vote.

I represent roughly 130,000 citizens most of whom think the legislature should operate in a republican fashion while the rest espousing at least that we are a democracy. OBI and you intentionally attempted to circumvented the legislative process, lied about your actions, and think a few socialist oligarchs can cut a deal in secret that will be implemented blindly by what you obviously think are peon lackies from rural Oregon. You were wrong.

It is clear, you do not care about education which badly needs reformed. It is just as clear you do not care about the working poor in my district let alone in urban centers. It is just as clear you do not care about industrial labor or families in Oregon. Every individual in my District will end up paying $250 each for every billion in pass through thanks to you. Yet, education will remain broken, families will be burdened to a breaking point, employer assessments will be implemented in a different form, SAIF will be raided, PERS will remain up-side-down, and cap & swindle will increase emissions while destroying rural Oregon. It is time for you to butt out of the legislature.

Since you are a liar, until you are terminated from Oregon Business & Industries, no member of your staff, no member of OBI, and no lobbyist from any OBI member will set foot in my office in the Oregon State Capitol. You will be removed by the Oregon State Police if necessary.

Quit now,

Brian J. Boquist

Oregon State Senate

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