City Hall adopted a pest plan that prohibits the use of avicides, which are toxic to many animals, not just birds

FILE PHOTO - The downtown Portland skyline looms above Oaks Bottom, where a flock of crows enjoys the afternoon sun.The Portland City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to ban the use of the toxic bird poisons known as avicides on city property.

The city already avoids using avicides, including the commercially available and lethal neurotoxin called Avitrol that was tied to two large-scale crow poisonings in downtown and northeast Portland in 2014 and 2018.

The use of Avitrol led dozens of crows to fall from the sky, have seizures on the ground and die along city streets and sidewalks.

Now, city leaders want to send a message to federal regulators that license that chemical and others like it.

"This is unacceptable," said Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish. "These poisonings are inhumane, and these types of actions risk exposing the general public, local wildlife and the entire food chain to a dangerous neurotoxin."

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