Former president Jim Armour starts a petition drive

BARBARA SHERMAN - Jim Armour checks over the petition he is circulating around King City, hoping to gather enough signatures to force a recall election of the four remaining KCCA board members.The seven-member King City Civic Association Board of Directors is currently short three members, and if former KCCA board president Jim Armour has his way, the other four will be gone as well.

Armour, whose recent resignation was followed by the resignations of Vice President/Secretary Bridget Smolen and Carolyn Griffith, has started a petition drive to remove the other members.

The petition, which needs 100 valid signatures and already had about 30 at the Regal Courier’s press deadline, states that according to the bylaws, it is asking the KCCA Board of Directors to schedule a special meeting and a special election to remove all board members and “to cause an election to replace the board with new owner-members of the association.”

Armour told the Regal Courier that he got fed up with no one following Robert’s Rules of Order during meetings and board members not doing their jobs and instead focusing on pet projects and spending money without board approval and authorization.

“The board has become dysfunctional,” he said. “I have served on it for eight years, and I thought about it and decided it was time to quit. Bridget tried to run the next meeting, and it was just out of control.

“I have no animosity toward any board member. I just want them to read the covenants, codes and restrictions, and the bylaws, and follow them.”

The election of board members is supposed to take place in May so people can assume office July 1 for 2015-16, but Armour said, “Right now, no one wants to run and get beat up.”

He added that even if his recall effort fails, “I will feel I have accomplished something if I raise enough concern about what the board is doing and get more people to come to more meetings and get involved.

Armour said he also has taken this action because he cares so much about King City and what happens to it.

KCCA Administrator J. Pat Moore said by email that as far as replacing the three board members, “I am not sure at this time how the board will proceed.”