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His departure after six years is based on 'mutual agreement'

BARBARA SHERMAN - King City Civic Association Adminstrator J. Pat Moore (far right), who left June 5, makes a point during the May 12 Board of Directors meeting; from left are Bill Barber, who has since resigned, Joe Wilson, Paul Downing, Terry Pittsley, Denny Gelfand, KCCA attorney Tom Johnson of Vial Fotheringham LLP, Mike Whitmarsh and Blair Wyatt.J. Pat Moore’s six-year tenure as King City Civic Association administrator abruptly ended June 5, when according to board members, he and the board reached an agreement to end his employment, but his departure was in the works months earlier.

The KCCA Board of Directors held a special meeting April 20 at 8 a.m. with one of the purposes listed on the agenda as “address and discuss activities of the KCCA administrator.”

The minutes read in part, after Denny Gelfand was elected president pro tem, Bill Barber was elected vice president pro tem, and Mike Whitmarsh was elected treasurer pro tem, “Motion by Denny Gelfand, president pro tem, that the KCCA administrator, J. Patrick Moore, be put on administrative leave while the board determines the appropriate course of action as a result of a loss of confidence by the board in the administrator’s lack of action/inaction, seconded by William Barber and passed unanimously.”

However, after consulting the KCCA attorney, board members decided not to move forward and place Moore on administrative leave, according to Gelfand.

He added that a notice for the meeting was posted on the Clubhouse front door 42 hours before the meeting, even though a 24-hour notice is all that was required, a fact that is disputed by former board member Carolyn Griffith.

At the April 14 meeting, the board voted 6 to 1, with Griffith opposed, to change KCCA employee contracts. Previously, the contracts were automatically renewed each year unless employees were notified 90 days before the end of the calendar year that the contracts were not being renewed.

Gelfand told the Regal Courier in May, “Employees will work as at-will employees. The old contracts didn’t benefit the residents.”

At the June 9 KCCA board meeting, secretary Terry Pittsley read minutes from the May 12 meeting that followed an executive session and stated, “The administrator offered to vacate the office, and the board agreed to make a counter offer,” and if it was accepted, Moore would no longer be the administrator.

“We feel the issue was settled to everyone's satisfaction and was mutually agreed upon,” Gelfand said. “We are all legally bound to say nothing.”

According to an email from Griffith, on Moore’s last day at work, Gelfand spent a long time in conference with Moore with new KCCA board attorney Chris Tingey of Vial Fotheringham LLP in attendance; however, Gelfand pointed out that Tingey was not involved in the discussion.

“I was present at the Clubhouse after about 1:30 p.m. until J. Pat drove away,” said Griffith.

She added that after the April 20 board meeting vote to place Moore on administrative leave that was not acted upon, “J. Pat's responsibilities were therefore limited. His advice and knowledge have rarely been sought by the board since then.”

Moore was hired June 15, 2009, after previously working as the Forest Heights subdivision compliance coordinator and before that as the manager of a portfolio of smaller homeowner associations.

Moore originally got a degree in mathematics at Oregon State University and taught high school math for a year before entering Mount Angel Seminary and serving as a Catholic priest for 12 years in the Oregon City area, Beaverton-Aloha, Hillsboro and Coos Bay.

He said during his initial interview with the Regal Courier that after he left the priesthood, “I sort of fell into community association management after I found a company that hired ex-pastors because they have the same skill set.”

He is married to Carol, who has an adult son, Jason.

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