Resident of Greenleaf Terrace in Summerfield posts signs saying her neighbors are providing breakfast for neighborhood

COURTESY OF ELIZABETH YOUNG - Murray Newton, who lives on Greenleaf Terrace in Summerfield, pretends to act dismayed at seeing all the signs promoting a free breakfast at his house.Everyone knows that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and on Greenleaf Terrace in Summerfield, there apparently was no such thing as a free breakfast either.

Elizabeth Young pulled an April Fools' stunt on her neighbors Murray Newton and Helen Pendergraft on April 1, explaining, "Little did they know I put up signs in their front yard saying, 'Free Breakfast,' 'Free Pancakes,' 'Free Coffee' and 'All Invited.'

"The whole neighborhood loved it! About eight of the neighbors went knocking on their door looking for the freebies. They all did it as a joke, of course."

Newton and Pendergraft's children and grandchildren were visiting from Bend, according to Young.

"I knew the 10-year-old grandson would get a big kick out of it and go back home and tell his friends at school what happened at his grandparents' house on April Fools' Day," Young said. "Helen posted the event on her Facebook page, and we had lots of fun comments."

According to Young, everyone except Newton left the Newton-Pendergraft home at 8:30 that morning to get pedicures, so he was the only one still at home when the first group of neighbors came knocking at 8:45.

"The most fun was all the neighbors gathered outside looking at the signs and laughing at the joke," Young said. "Many came out in their bathrobes to see what was going on.

"Murray left the signs up all morning, and now he is keeping the signs and scheming as to how he will use them to turn the tables on me somehow. What fun!"

COURTESY OF ELIZABETH YOUNG - Elizabeth Young obviously went all out on these signs, but being a real estate broker, making signs comes easy to her.Later, Pendergraft's Facebook page read. "April Fools' Day – these signs were on my front yard when I went outside this morning. Three neighbors came for coffee. I know who the culprits are now. Elizabeth Young made my day, Ha, ha, ha."

And the Facebook comments continued. Young wrote, "Oh for the love of April Fools' Day! The most fun was making the signs and posting them this morning. Tee hee!"

Pendergraft replied, "What a clever idea. We were shocked when Caron and I left early for pedicures. I imagine all on Greenleaf had fun too."

Kathy Elmlund wrote, "Ha, Ha, pretty cute!"

Susan McInturff Gregory wrote, "You have the funniest friends – I love it!"

Renee Hogan Krstovich wrote, "How fun and nice to have such good friends."

Yvonne Parker wrote, "I see you probably had the coffee but how 'bout the pancakes???? Boy, if I'd known that, I would have been up to visit. LOL."

Sonja Olson wrote, "So funny!!"

And Gene Moe wrote, "Such great friends you have!!"

The Regal Courier will be sure to report on any subsequent retaliatory action taken by Newton and Pendergraft.

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