Oregon senator talks to many Oregonians, including a resident of King City, who fear the Republican plan that he calls a 'wealth-care' plan

COURTESY OF SEN. JEFF MERKLEY - Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) talks to a group of residents on a recent jaunt through eastern Oregon, with many worried that they will lose their healthcare if the Republican bill passes Congress.Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) has been crisscrossing the state talking to Oregonians about health care, and one of those he talked to lives in King City.

Merkley wrote on his Facebook page, "Everyone gets sick. In those critical moments of vulnerability, we need health care that won't bankrupt us or let us down. In 2008, Nancy of King City got sick. She went into total cardiac arrest. Thankfully, she survived, and today has an implant that keeps her heart pumping if it fails her again."

Nancy added, "On Sept. 26, 2008, I was at work when I suddenly went into total cardiac arrest. Thankfully two people knew CPR and kept blood flowing to my heart until the paramedics could arrive.

"I now have an implanted AICD in the event my heart should stop again. Before the Affordable Care Act, I would have been considered uninsurable if I was not employed."

Merkley continued, "I'm opposing the GOP's disastrous health care bill for people like Nancy in King City. As Nancy puts, it, insurance is a necessity — not a luxury. We cannot let Republicans pass their disastrous bill and kick 23 million Americans off their health care.

"We all know the health care system isn't perfect, but for millions of people like Nancy, it's a lifeline that has improved their quality of life. If Republicans get their way and pass their 'wealth-care' plan, people like Nancy will go back to worrying about whether their pre-existing condition will deny them access to health care.

"I believe everyone, regardless of their income or job status, deserves access to high-quality care. The GOP clearly doesn't. Their plan offers huge tax cuts to the rich while it rips away health care from more than 23 million Americans. We are the richest nation on earth, and I know we can do better."

According to Merkley, Americans are virtually united against the Republican health care bill, and "if Republicans in Congress think they can sneak this thing through, they better watch out -- even their own voters are fed up and ready to fight back."

Merkley added on June 20, "This weekend, I attended four town halls in the reddest parts of Oregon, where more than one in three people are on Medicaid. But even in places that voted overwhelmingly for Trump and Republicans down the ballot, I found people who are passionate, terrified and rooting for the Senate to stop the Republican health care bill. "In Klamath Falls, two patients at a long-term care facility told me they would be homeless if they lost Medicaid. In Fossil, people asked which Republicans they could put pressure on to stop the bill.

"In a bar in Paisley, two veterans asked if Washington understood the terror and despair that real people are feeling right now. In Lakeview, someone demanded we force the GOP to hold hearings on their terrible bill."

Merkley said he will keep demanding public hearings on the Republican bill that would upend Americans' health care.

For more information or to contact Merkley, visit His address is 313 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510-0001; the phone number is 202-224-3753; and the fax number is 202-228-3997.

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