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Founder, volunteers gear up for 2019 King City event, which has tripled in size since its founding year in 2017

COURTESY OF KING CITY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION - Jaimie Fender, president and founder of the King City Community Foundation, is heavily involved in the annual King City Fourth of July bash.  Life can be a bit hectic for Jaimie Fender, who fulfills two roles in King City. She is a City Council member as well as president and founder of the King City Community Foundation.

In her dual roles, Fender helps keep the city rolling and spends a lot of her time organizing fun community events, designed to bring the community together.

According to Fender, the foundation, also known as KCCF, "has the mission to promote a sense of cohesion and community to King City by bridging the gap between the 55-and-older communities and the younger, new King City communities. We achieve that goal through our city-wide events and campaigns."

The foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a five-member board. Members are volunteers and include Annie Paulsen, Micah Paulsen, Veva Goehler and Jessica Poehler. Fender notes that 100% of all proceeds go directly back into the community of King City.

Fender, who is also a full-time practicing attorney, said the foundation came into being as a result of a Fourth of July event.

A few years back, Fender recalled, "I had volunteered at my homeowners association meeting to organize a barbecue — we saw an opportunity to grow what was going to be just a very small neighborhood barbecue into a city-wide event."

In eventually creating the board, Fender said, "Knowing we were going to take sponsorship money, and that I saw great potential to actually create a larger nonprofit, I decided to form the board, register the nonprofit, then grow from there."

According to Fender, "The first Fourth of July event was held in 2017. We had a small parade and a small festival. It was wonderful. Then we had the same parade and festival last year and I don't think it's an exaggeration if we say it tripled in size. We grew exponentially in just over a year. We expect this year to be even bigger and better."

Fender has spent days getting ready for this year's Fourth of July bash.

COURTESY OF KING CITY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION - Micah Paulsen marches in last years Fourth of July parade."There is a classic car rally for residents as they line up for the parade to start," she said. "We'll have coffee and doughnut services provided by the Good Neighbor Committee. Then we have, I would say, a very sizeable parade for our town."

The Classic Car Rally will take place from 9 to 9:30 a.m. The parade runs from City Hall to the King City Community Park. Strollers, walkers, wagons, bikes and golf carts can take part in the summertime Walk & Roll Festival. There will also be a kids' wagon float competition.

The festival runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Live vendors and music will be provided. Full details of these events are listed at the foundation Facebook site.

If any of these activities inspire people to get involved in the foundation, Fender said there are several ways they can connect.

"We have a website (," Fender said. "We have a very active Facebook page."

People also can visit the foundation via Linkedin and Instagram.

"We really encourage all of the residents to 'like' and follow us on Facebook," she said, noting Facebook is a great way to keep up on King City goings-on and foundation events.

COURTESY OF KING CITY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION - The annual Fourth of July Parade draws dozens of spectators from around the city."We are always looking for volunteers," Fender said. "Annually, we review our board. At the annual meeting we discuss the size and members of the board. Certainly we will notice if we have board positions open for people who might be interested in getting more involved — joining one of the subcommittees, or the planning committees, is a great way to get off and running."

Noting that King City Community Foundation board members have careers and families in addition to their board duties, Fender said, "I am always amazed at the amount of work we seem to pull off every year. The immense dedication and sacrifice of our board and our families is really inspiring."

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